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First Joint Replacement after Estrogen Blockers – Oh Estrogen My Joints Miss You!


FYI I was on estrogen blockers 20 months till end of 2023. I stopped after non-specific leg pain became crippling and my increased life expectancy from drugs was small.

While I had SE and long term concerns, joint failures have been the impactful journey after my BMX. After two months off meds and the leg pain decreasing, consulting with a menopause specialist, and reading Jancee Dunn’s Hot and Bothered, I suspect both my knees will fail in the near term.

I was a competitive runner with documented knee joint degeneration when at 50 my knee seized, I had a gel injection which returned mobility, then pivoted to biking pain free for the next ten years till breast cancer at 60. And, in likely related news, went on HRT at age 50. HRT was very good for my bone and joint health. (But yeh – not so good for my breasts!)

Fast forward, six months on AI drugs and both knees seized then my meniscus tore off. I had stem cell/PRP treatment in the Fall and my joints are moving but the meniscus tear is still crippling. I have a partial knee replacement for the meniscus tear scheduled next week.

Without AIs I know I will produce some estrogen, but assuming joint degeneration will gain speed. I am wondering whether I should advocate for a full knee replacement in anticipation of more degeneration. Partial surgery has better recovery and mobility, but want to make a wise decision. Got a message in to my surgeon.