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Did your doctor talk about your Ki67 %

nilespark44 Member Posts: 28

Hello - I have IDC Stage 2 (++-), and I am one week out from my bilateral mastectomy.

My lymph Node pathology reports were posted online, and from what I can read, there is no cancer in my lymph nodes. However, my Ki67% - was reported at 43%. so I have a Ki67: 43%. Is that bad?

Did your doctor put much stock into your Ki67 number? I was just wondering what others have learned about their Ki67 number and how it might have impacted treatment.

Maybe now that I had a BMX it doesn't even matter what my Ki67 score is?

Thank you


  • ebfitzy
    ebfitzy Member Posts: 14

    I am still waiting on my bilateral mastectomy, but all the surgeon told me was that I still MAY need chemo because of the high grade and the high Ki-67. But im only stage 1 and doesn’t appear to be in my lymph nodes. My ki67 is 40%. But I wont know for sure of my treatment plan until I see my oncologist for the first time after my surgery. I’ll be interested in knowing how’s your oncologist treats you! I’m so anxious over here. My diagnosis was 2/1 but I still haven’t received a surgery date.

  • mandy23
    mandy23 Member Posts: 100

    Hi @nilespark44 and @ebfitzy -

    Although KI67 is one indicator of the BC biology, I think it has to be looked at as only one piece. I had a Ki67 of 40% (considered high), but also high ER+, low PR+ and Grade 3. I had no positive lymph nodes and was Stage 1. The best thing to try and determine chemo needs is the Oncotype test. You might want to ask about that soon as it does take a week or 2 to come back. I was really resistant to doing chemo—-just hated the idea. However, my Oncotype test came back high, so really not much choice if I wanted to reduce my odds of recurrence.

    Know that if you do end up with chemo, you WILL get through it. It's another club no one wants to join, but you do what you gotta do.

    For now, take things one step at a time.

    Take care. You'll get through this whatever is your treatment plan!

  • nilespark44
    nilespark44 Member Posts: 28

    mandy23, ebfitzy  - thank you both for your responses. I did hear from the doctor's office today, and they confirmed that the cancer has not progressed to my lymph nodes. When I asked about KI67, the nurse said the next step was to get the Oncotype report back and see an oncologist. It will take about 2 weeks to get the report back.

    Ebfitzy, I hope you are closer to a surgery date now. I just had my BMX last week, so if I can help answer any questions about the surgery or items I used to help me reover. Let me know!

  • nilespark44
    nilespark44 Member Posts: 28

    I agree, I won't know anything till I see the Oncologist and get the OncoType report. Till then….I wait. I am now getting impatient….as I want to know what all this stuff means that I am reading about.

    My diagnosis was 2/11, and I had surgery last week. I had a skin-sparring mastectomy with expanders. So far, the recovery hasn't been bad at all. I've managed the pain with Tylenol and ibuprofen. They did give me something stronger for pain, and I've taken it 2x to help me at night with sleep.

    I've been walking a little bit each day since surgery and doing the arm exercises they told me to do, and I swear it helps. Please, if you can, get up and move around after mastectomy. Even if it's walking in your backyard or house, movement helps.

    If you have any questions about mastectomy, please let me know. I just went through it. Below are some items that have helped me this week!

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