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Uterine biopsy question on low dose Tamoxifen

I was wondering if anyone can fill me in with the procedure for a uterine biopsy? (Just don't scare me, I can barely get thru a pap smear!) How long does it take? Post menopausal, started low dose Tamox/dcis for a month only, and my uterus went crazy. Achey, discomfort, heaviness….. I stopped the medicine and within 24 hrs, I felt fine. I've never had that discomfort before, and 2 years ago, my lining was at 2mm. So, I feel it was the Tamox, but my gyn and surgeon feel, that it shouldn't happen that fast, ergo—- the biopsy. I can either try to have it in office, or a d&c outpatient which I really don't want! I was hoping to wait a few months and re-ultrasound to see if it went down, but I guess that isn't the way to go… Has anyone waited and seen the lining go down when Tamox was stopped? Any info would be appreciated.


  • cowgirl13
    cowgirl13 Member Posts: 774

    breastquest, if it were me, I would do d&c outpatient. I have had a uterine biopsy and so that's what I would do. Others will share what their procedure's were like. If you don't have outpatient d&c, ask if they will give you a shot of novacaine for the in-office procedure.

  • harley07
    harley07 Member Posts: 266

    I had an outpatient hysteroscopy with D&C and polyp removal under general anesthesia in early February due to a thickened endometrium (I am not on Tamoxifin). The GYN oncologist felt the D&C would give a more complete picture versus an in office endometrial biopsy which only takes a sample of the endometrium and therefore, could miss something. In my case, polyps were the cause of the thickening. Perhaps you could clarify with your doctor. Good luck.