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Lynparza High Liver Enzymes & Blood Glucose

This will be week 5 on Lynparza. I’ve noticed since I’ve started my ALT, AST & blood glucose are in the high range. Curious if anyone else has had anything similar. Diabetes runs in my family, would like to get ahead of it. My last A1C was normal but at that time I wasn’t on Lynparza. I’m going to vent; if I bring it up with my oncologist she will say it’s the medicine, nothing to be concerned about and offer no solutions, they stay away from anything other than cancer. Thinking I should see an endocrinologist - thoughts?


  • candy-678
    candy-678 Member Posts: 4,085

    Westlemom- I can only tell you that I have been on Lynparza for 2+ years and my ALT, AST, and blood glucose are all normal and have always been. But… each person is different. We have different health history's and are on different meds. Maybe your Lynparza is not playing well with some of your other meds??? Mention it to your doctor.

  • westiemom
    westiemom Member Posts: 86

    Hi! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well on Lynparza. Thanks so much for responding. I will follow up with my doctor.