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Moving on from Ibrance to Orserdu

After 7.5 years on Ibrance & Letrozole I had slight progression. A blood biopsy was ordered and I remained on I/L. I had developed great pain in my shoulder and this was found to be cancer. Blood biopsy reported ERS1 & PIK3CA mutations. I completed 5 rounds of radiotherapy to the shoulder and 2 days later on 29th of March I started Orserdu. I had a great run on I/L however I suspect my bone mets had been around a lot longer than 7+ years. My BC was Dx in 2004.


  • chicagoan
    chicagoan Member Posts: 963

    Chico-Sorry to hear about this. I consider you my "Ibrance twin" since we started at the same time. I hope that Orserdu is very effective for you. Please keep us posted on how it is. It seems that your mutations may give you some other options as well. Hope that the radiation will get rid of the pain in your shoulder.

    I have scans next week-I do feel concerned since I have some mild low back pain but figure better to find out and change treatments if necessary. Best wishes.

  • chico
    chico Member Posts: 187

    Chicagoan thank for your support I did consider sending you a private message as we have been treatment twins. Wishing you luck with your scan and I hope you can remain on your current treatment. I will let you know how I get on with orserdu.

  • mc22
    mc22 Member Posts: 16

    Chico, I'm sorry to hear about this as well and wanted to wish you all the best on Orserdu. I hope it works very well for you!

    Chicagoan, hoping you get good news on your scans.

  • cure-ious
    cure-ious Member Posts: 2,723

    Chico & Chicagoan, You both seem to have a somewhat more gentle course overall, with at least some durable responses to early lines, and tho nothing lasts forever in this weird world, it gives a lot of hope that subsequent treatments may also respond quite well- good luck!