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I wanted to thank all the women who responded to my concerns. It turns out that the irregular nodule was actually a cluster of small cysts. There is no cancer evident. I will see the breast cancer surgeon in six months for another mammogram and ultrasound. After a month of waiting, I have my answer. The good news is that I found a wonderful doctor who will give me same day results. I am fortunate to have found all of you who didn’t minimize my concerns. Thank you for helping me through a difficult time.


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,285

    @terabithia very glad to hear this! And we're glad our community was helpful to you 😍

  • harley07
    harley07 Member Posts: 316

    Fantastic news! Thanks for coming back to update us.

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,075

    @terabithia , I'm so glad that nodule was benign! It's good that finding a caring doctor was the silver lining to the stress and worry you had to go through.

  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 195

    That’s wonderful news @terabithia!! I’m really glad it was evident what it was and that it’s benign. Phew!!!