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Starting year 18


For those who remember me, when I first got here and was out-of-my-mind-afraid, thought I would update. 17 years has gone by…time flies. Cannot believe I'll be starting year 18…lots of other stuff to deal with (myself and DH) but so far, no BC recurrence that I am aware of. I mostly post on the what's for dinner or the drink-of-the-day thread.

Hard to imagine how many changes have happened with BC dx/treatment in those years (for the better!)

Best to you ladies.


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,089

    @wallycat - Thank you for sharing your update with us! It's incredible to hear that 17 years have passed since you first joined the community. Our best wishes to you for continued health and happiness, and here's to many more years of sharing meals and drinks with all of us!


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  • orangeflower
    orangeflower Member Posts: 95

    Congratulations, wallycat. Here's to many years of good health for you!

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,280

    Thank you, ladies!

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,861

    I do remember you and am so happy that you’re doing well. Congratulations!

  • thora902
    thora902 Member Posts: 3

    That is so great to hear!!! Congrats. I am just starting on my journey now, mastectomy last Wednesday…..

  • skv0123
    skv0123 Member Posts: 9

    so good to see you again!

  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 1,385

    I remember you, but had no idea you'd been doing this for so long. Congratulations and may you have many, many, many more years! (I remember you because I'd made a mental note that you live in my state.)