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Are CT scans safe?


Hi, I have the BRCA2 mutation and will need a CT scan of both knees to have Bilateral Knee Replacements. . I am 69 and have not yet been diagnosed with Cancer .
Is it safe to have the CT scan of each knee? The MAKO robotic surgery requires a CT scan preop. Otherwise , I could go somewhere else and undergo the ROSA robotic surgery which wouldn’t require a CT scan . But choosing the Rosa option means an epidural instead of a general anaesthetic which I would prefer.
Depending on what I read , a CT scan is equivalent to 28 x-rays or more. I’m wondering if most people with the heightened risk of breast cancer would avoid CT scans at all cost?


  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 701

    @charlierun I don't know if I can ease your worries but this is what I do know. I was in the Radiology world for many years I recently retired as a CT tech due to my diagnosis. The advancement in CT technology and dose reduction has come a long way over the years. The scanners are so advanced and only emit enough radiation which is based on bodily habitus to get a quality image. I did many scans on patients that were preop for various joint replacements. I think you have remember that the risk outweighs the measure. We have to take advantage of all the latest technology that is available to us. The scanners are checked daily for QA and are also checked by a radiation physicist every 6 mos to a year for radiation calibration.

    I have never heard that patients that were at an increased risk for possibly getting cancer should not have or worry about CT. Is there an overall risk with repeated exposure to radiation over time , yes. There are many factors that go into exposure and risks.

    That all being said in the end you have to feel comfortable with your decision. I hope this helped with your decision, best wishes on your surgery.