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Focal Asymmetry?


I’m turning 60 this month and had my yearly mammogram this morning. It said “possible focal asymmetry” 8cm from left nipple upper quadrant. No other suspicious findings.

No idea what this is. I don’t feel a lump. So I go for another mammogram on Thursday and US if needed. Obviously a little worried.


  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 190

    Hello @todohert. Any time we get called back for an abnormal mammogram, it produces a lot of stress and anxiety!! We all understand. I’m glad you’ll get answers soon and there’s a very good chance it’s all benign!

    Imaging has its limitations and they may not review it until after you’ve left so if there’s anything they can’t see clearly, they need us to come back to take better pictures. That happened to me a couple of times and nothing was wrong, but they needed clarity. I wish we could wait while it’s reviewed and have it all done right then and there but that’s never been my experience at my small local hospital. The callbacks are unnerving!

    And the technical wording is a bit daunting I find … instead of saying possible focal asymmetry … can they just say a spot of breast tissue that looks a bit different than the corresponding spot on the other breast? It’s great they want a better image and to be extra cautious they aren’t missing anything, but the wording alone can be so alarming!!

    Please let us know how it all turns out and hang in there!!