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Surgery for newly diagnosed stage 4 MBC?


Hey there. Newly diagnosed with stage 4 MBC ER+PR+HER-, multiple spots in lungs.

When the lump was first discovered the expectation was that it was curable as there was no spread and the lymph nodes looked clean - that all changed with the PET scan.

So…question: The only option offered now is hormone treatment, but the lump is now quite painful, and I truly have questions - based on research as to whether it could be positive to remove the lump/breast if it can be done cleanly.

Has anyone had surgery after receiving an initial stage IV diagnosis and what were the pros/cons?

Any other info also gratefully received.


  • malleemiss251
    malleemiss251 Member Posts: 211

    In Australia they tend not to remove the lump if you are stage iv, so I still have mine - although they appear to be reducing in size since I began treatment.

  • usethepointyend
    usethepointyend Member Posts: 7

    @malleemiss251 thanks for the answer! I’m trying to figure out options as for me it is not clear this is the only way forward..

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,853

    In the US, not removing the primary breast tumor of a stage IV patient had been standard for quite a long time. In recent years, I have noticed more stage IV patients having mastectomies or lumpectomies. I don’t know, from a medical point of view, what has changed but from my casual observations, it is being done. If you are in pain, I think that makes a good argument for removal. All surgeries carry risks so it is not a benign procedure but again, if you’re in pain it seems surgery might alleviate it. Take care