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Wait times and alternative clinics


hi all, I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma last week. I’ve been feeling this spot for almost 2 years. I was told 18 months ago by the breast clinic in Halifax nova Scotia that it was just a part of my rib bone I was feeling. Anyway now it’s a month before I can get a consult and unknown waits beyond for surgery.
Has anyone accessed private clinics in Canada or around the world. Any recommendations for faster and perhaps better surgery options. I don’t mind paying if I have to. Thank you for your knowledge.


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    Welcome, @lunerdaisy! We're sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, and we're sorry you're still not getting responses to your post. We hope our comment helps bring more visibility to your questions, so someone from our community might be able to offer some suggestions. Please, those of you who have been in similar situations or have knowledge related to private clinic options are welcome to share your experiences. Thank you!

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