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Left breast cancer 15 years ago now cancerous axillary mass - treatment recommendations?


I was treated for left sided breast cancer 15 years ago (mastectomy and 4 courses of cytoxan and taxotere). Now have 2.3 cm axillary mass (cancer: ER+ PR+ HER2- grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma and moderately high KI-67 score. I live in Chicago area. MD Anderson cannot see me for two months. I am waiting to hear back from Mayo Clinic. Has anyone else had successful treatment with neoadjuvant chemo, surgery and radiation for this condition? What type of surgery and what surgeon is recommended within US. What type of radiation should be used to target mass and not damage heart and lung. Northwestern Memorial oncologist is recommending Adriamycin and Cytoxin 4 courses followed by four courses of Taxel. I haven't seen a surgeon or radiation oncologist. I am willing to travel anywhere….