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Enhertu Dose Reduction Results

aswans Member Posts: 2


I've had 8 infusions of Enhertu at the full dose level and have experienced side effects of fatigue and general crappiness, not in keeping with my quality of life wishes.

Because of this, I'm seriously considering going to a lower dose of 4.4 mg. I can't find any data on how effective the drug is at this lower level, so I'm looking for personal experience! I've had great reduction in tumor size on the full dose, so hoping that continues, but would be satisfied with no progression of disease and feeling better!

Appreciate this group and experiences shared!



  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,089

    Hi @aswans and glad you found us. Looking forward to hearing from others. Many people need months to adjust to the treatment, but we totally understand how you are feeling. While the typical dosage is 5.4 mg/kg, there are people who may receive a dose reduction due to adverse side effects, so it is worth a conversation with your oncologist.

    I hope others chime in!
    Gentle hugs,
    Your Mods

  • anotherone
    anotherone Member Posts: 546

    One of the arguably top oncologists of the UK thinks the optimal dosage is 75% of currently prescribed full one is.

  • aswans
    aswans Member Posts: 2

    That's encouraging! Thank you!