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37 went for a Mamo,BiRad4 no subcategory non palpable nodule found. waiting for biopsy. Confused

pennylane26 Member Posts: 2
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I am 37 4 years ago I started getting very painful swollen cysts in my breasts. I had a Mamo and US done in 2020 no findings. Had my yearly with my GYN and he sent me to a surgeon to see about draining the cysts. The surgeon ordered another Mamo and US and the findings are as follows :Result: 4D 4 - DENSE Suspicious Abnormal

Left breast 1:00 position 9 x 7 x 9 mm complex or predominantly
hypoechoic well-defined wider than tall noncalcified nodule
ORDER #: 0402-0008 MM/MM dx tomo BI
IMPRESSION: Scattered right breast cysts. A negative or benign study
does not exclude the need for further evaluation of a clinically
suspicious finding
Left breast hypoechoic and noncalcified nodule, 1:00 position, 5 cm from
the nipple. This nodule warrants further evaluation with tissue

How worried should I be? I feel like my Dr and nurses leave me with more questions then answers. I feel like I am overreacting but I am scared. Any answers would be so great.


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,853

    You shouldn’t be worried at all at this point as there is no conclusive evidence of anything! That being said, I’m sure this is still anxiety provoking because it does need further inspection. So many different things can happen with breasts and the majority are not cancer. It may be difficult but try to focus on what you know to be fact right now and don’t spend time going down paths you may never need to take.
    We are not medical professionals and it would be irresponsible of us to interpret your report (seriously, you don’t want this retired teacher to interpret your report). I doubt your doctors and nurses are giving you the “run around” as there isn’t anything to disclose that you don’t already know. Doctors hiding bad news from patients is very, very old school. It is also highly unprofessional and possibly illegal to withhold medical info from a patient. If they were able to tell you anything more, they would. Hopefully, next steps will be arrived at soon. It takes time and patience so stick to what you know and don’t speculate or catastrophize over things that may never happen. Take care

  • pennylane26
    pennylane26 Member Posts: 2

    Thank You. I know it is hard to not go down a rabbit hole. I guess the run around isnt the right way of putting it. I feel like they are being more gentle with what they are saying. I will try to not worry. Thank you for replying.

  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 190

    Hello @pennylane26. I wish imaging alone (mammogram, ultrasound, MRI) could give us answers. It would save us all a tremendous amount of anxiety!! I’m sorry for your new worry and all the pain you’ve endured with cysts (doesn’t sound fun)!

    It’s important that any nodule or mass that’s not an obvious cyst be identified and then for future reference they can watch it for any changes. Thankfully the majority of biopsies end up being benign. And thankfully the majority of women do not end up with breast cancer! I’m not sure if that helps at all, because I know when it’s in your breast, it’s hard not to panic.

    We do wish we could give you answers, and I’m sorry you will have to wait a little longer to know. The wait can be hard. We understand!! Best wishes for a benign result.

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,853


    Reading facial expressions or evaluating voice tones as a means of arriving at a diagnosis… doesn’t work. No doctor, nurse, nor even a radiologist is going reach any conclusions about your situation based on imaging as that is not how breast cancer is diagnosed. If imaging alone could provide a diagnosis, why would we even have biopsies?
    I know this is stressful but don’t create more stress for yourself. Take care

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,081

    We're so sorry you find yourself here with this concern, @pennylane26! We know how hard it is not to worry and imagine the worst case scenario. Echoing both exbrxgrl and needs.a.nap, the wait can be so hard but the doctors have no other info to share until further diagnostic tests are performed. Easier said than done, we know, but try not to stress yourself out at this stage.

    Please do keep us posted on when your biopsy is scheduled, we're here for you!