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Tumor Marker Increases Within Normal Range


Has anyone had experience with tumor markers increasing within the normal range? Since completing chemo/rads/mx after stage IV diagnosis (one unconfirmed met to the sacrum) I had been staying in the 13-14 range on the CA 15-3. I just had it increase to 19.6. I know that's a "normal" range, but it is still concerning to me. Thank you all - what a great community.


  • arissasmom
    arissasmom Member Posts: 4

    I was always told "normal is normal." It's like any other blood test - two lab draws for the same test done within a minute of each other will never have exactly the same result.

  • divinemrsm
    divinemrsm Member Posts: 6,095

    screech, I get blood work done once a month. How often do you get yours done? My onc does not get concerned when the tumor marker for ca15-3 is within normal range, even if it is rising. Mine does sometimes fluctuate up or down a few points here and there.