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IBC Worry


Good evening! Long story short, I started having a severe pain in my breast 3 weeks ago. I ended up at my high risk breast specialist where they did an ultrasound. Turns out I had an abscess. They drained it with a needle and put me on antibiotics. The antibiotics I started with didn’t work and my abscess filled up again, so I ended up having another needle aspiration the following week with a round of a new antibiotics. Not long after that aspiration, the abscess filled up again, and I had to have another needle aspiration (total of 3). I ended up having surgery yesterday to clean out the abscess and take some tissue samples out to send to pathology and to culture. Throughout all of this, I had a blister/lump/patch of skin or whatever you want to call it pop up around my nipple that kept getting wider and longer each time. I also was/and still am experiencing sharp pains in my breast. Did anyone else have these symptoms and it was IBC? I’ve researched and all my symptoms tend to line up with that diagnosis. Just getting antsy waiting on my biopsy results and wanting to hear other stories similar to mine, whether or not IBC was the diagnosis. I am 35 and have had a hysterectomy, so I am not lactating. Thanks!