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Have a lump with negative mammogram and Ultrasound but MRI shows Non Mass Enhancement


Good afternoon,

After noticing a lump about 1.5 inches around in my left breast, I went for a mammogram and ultrasound which showed nothing. Because I have extremely dense breasts and there is a palpable lump, they sent me for an MRI with contrast. It came back with the following results:

"Left breast: There is extensive confluent nonmass enhancement within the left mid to upper breast measuring 6.0 cm TV x 5.3 cm AP x 6.2 cm SI (axial image 72). This affects the inner and outer breast at anterior to posterior depth. This extends from 1.1 cm deep to the nipple to 0.6 cm from the chest wall. There is predominant associated persistent kinetics with smaller patchy areas of plateau and washout kinetics. There are no additional suspicious features.

Other: There is asymmetric prominent left axillary lymph node measuring 0.6 x 1.0 cm that demonstrates mild cortical thickening measuring 0.45 cm in depth (axial image 53). "

The breast surgeon called me and just said that the MRI shows "something" and gave me a BIRADS 5. I have tried to look up "nonmass enhancement" and cannot find very much info on this. I am scheduled for an MRI guided breast needle biopsy tomorrow and a US biopsy of the lymph node next week. Does anyone have any insight on the above result?

I am trying to remain positive and not worry until there is actually something to worry about but can't help but want to gather more info if possible. Thank you all so much!!!


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    Hello @amesisland715,

    It sounds like your doctor needs additional information before being able to confirm whether the mass is benign or malignant. Based on our article on BIRADS, it looks suggestive of possible malignancy, but your doctor needs the biopsy to determine with certainty.

    A recently published article (2022) discusses the effectiveness of MRIs for non-mass enhancement lesions in the breast:

    Given that other members are not medical professionals, and even if they were, they do not have access to the imaging and additional information your doctor has, it is unlikely that they could have any meaningful insight based on the information from your report that you included above. We understand how stressful and anxiety producing this period can be. From what we've seen other members share on the boards and in our meet-ups, finding distractions and using guided meditation have been the approaches others have benefited from to manage the anxiety/stress.

    This guided meditation by Belleruth Naparstek is relatively short, and better than most freely available guided meditations. You could try that out!

    Please let us know how things go tomorrow and anything you find out. We'll keep you in our thoughts! 🤗