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Breast lump, firm. Hope!


Last 2 nights my hands found a lump in my left breast. It's large, smooth, but firm and doesn't seem to move. It's doesn't hurt much. Like all the others, I panicked. I am 4 months postpartum, with a history of cystic breast bilateral. I recall to have a 1.5cm cysts on the same side I felt the lump. But I didn't think much of it as soon as I got married and pregnant.

I immediately went to a general surgeon. She also felt the lump and said it's large and firm. But she suspected a cyst or a blocked milk duct. She requested for ultrasound. I was so scared, praying it better be cyst than a solid mass.

Today I had an Ultrasound done, and the radiologist showed me the lump. It's just a large fluid filled cyst. Probably the same cyst before that had grown to 3cm now. And I still have alot of microcysts. She gave it Birads 2

I am so relieved. I'm planning to aspirate my cyst before it bothers me. I just wanted to share this experience, that not all lumps you feel that is firm and seems immovable is cancer. There is still hope.

Good luck to every one who faces the same fear as mine. ❤️