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Anyone experienced numbness and tingling on one side of your body?


My bc diagnosis was in 2021 and I had a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy 12/21, followed by radiation 3/22.  I was 71 at the time. My diagnosis was pure mucinous, clear margins, no lymph node spread, grade 2, stage 1.About a month ago I experienced complete numbness of my right leg and foot from the groin down. It lasted briefly and then came back several times over the next week, and then spread to my upper body on the right side including my arm and hand. I was advised to go to the ER to be checked out. They did an MRI with and without contrast of my brain and spine to determine if I had a stroke. A small lesion was found in the frontal cortex of my brain, and I was advised to get a follow up appointment with a neurologist. I saw the neurologist yesterday and he brought up my previous breast cancer diagnosis and suggested I have a second MRI 2 months after the first one.

I didn’t connect my symptoms with breast cancer, and now I’m worried that the cancer has metastasized. Did anyone have one sided numbness, pins and needles, weakness and fatigue that was intermittent over a one month period?


  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 1,385

    I get pins and needles quite a bit, but it is usually bilateral in my legs or in my legs and both arms; sometimes around my mouth and face. I've been to the ER more than once and they would do all the scans and tell me I was fine. One dr even seemed to be upset that I kept coming back. My PCP and a neurosurgeon that that ER dr referred me to ordered MRI's and they were all OK too (back in October), but I keep getting the tingling off and on. My concern is that I am stage 4 and have had spinal fractures that can affect the spinal cord. What they told me though in the ER, and this I think likely pertains to your situation, is that if the tingling is all on one side or in one limb particularly, you should go to the ER and get it checked out. They said that my "generalized paresthesia" was not a specific concern and can be from anxiety and stress. I also think it can be from low estrogen (was your cancer ER+, and were you given an AI?), as low estrogen apparently affects nerves in some way that can cause tingling. Your situation though, does sound like what they told me was of concern and should get checked out. I think it is a good thing you are doing what you are doing about it. I hope with all my heart, however, that it is not spread and that you've just got some sort of other situation going on. Very sorry to hear this, katethecat, and I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 953

    Hi @katethecat , Brain lesions can be due to cancer (mets or a new primary) but there are many other causes including neurodegeneration, neurovascular issues, infection and injury. My DH has brain lesions most likely caused by a lifetime of migraines. The issues with numbness, lack of balance, cognition, memory and emotions are tough to deal with whatever the cause but vestibular PT and medications can help.

    A repeat MRI is recommended when the reason for the lesion is not known. Recently bone marrow in my hip lit up on an MRI. My MO wanted to order a FES-PET thinking it might be mets but the radiologist thought that it was just as likely to be some type of blood cancer or of benign origin. My repeat MRI is in another week; the results compared to the previous one will determine next steps.

    It is a worry no matter what the cause since it affects your physical functioning. Hopefully things will work out well for you.

  • katethecat
    katethecat Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for your input threetree and maggie15. I have a follow up MRI with contrast scheduled for June 6, and an EEG and nerve conduction test scheduled on May 1. All were recommended by the neurologist based on my symptoms, and they messaged my previous cancer team with what is going on. I declined to take AI’s, so have not seen my oncologist for three years. I have had checkups every 6 months with my radiation oncologist alternating with my surgeon and a diagnostic mammogram is completed at 6 months intervals. I have had no cancer related bloodwork/labs and have never had a PET scan. I guess I’ll wait to get all the results, and then make a plan.