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Finishing Anastrozole (7yrs) and considering breast reduction on non-Lumpectomy side


Hi everyone.

I am finally going to be finished with Anastrozole (with my Oncologist's agreement

after Breast Cancer Index test) this October. Here's my 1st question to the women who

stopped taking the med after 5, 7, or 10 years: Did you feel or see any difference, in what way

and how long did it take to be noticeable? Did the side-effects similar to or worse than

menopause symptoms disappear or become manageable? And did sex drive come back??

I read that vaginal atrophy wouldn't get better, is that the case? Please kindly share your


I had a Lumpectomy on my right side breast in 2017 and my left side breast has been

sagging since then. It wan't a big deal in the first couple of years but every year the

difference has become more visible. The left side is bigger, longer and heavier.

All I want is for the both sides to be equal, so breast reduction only on my left side

would be enough for me. I have gone to a surgeon once for consultation and he told me the

surgery would be simple since it wouldn't involve lifting or enhancing. According to him, the

recovery time would be 2 weeks. From my online research, I believe it could take more than

2 weeks to recover to the point you would feel better and comfortable.

I'm 62 and some might say I shouldn't bother, just wear the particular kind of bra or padding

that was made to camouflage the issue, or just wear loose fitting top, etc. I tried to tell myself

that too. I also felt scared, I didn't want to be under the knife any more. So at that time, I

didn't go back to see an anesthesiologist in preparation for the surgery.

It has been a few years since then and I'm thinking about the surgery again. The size

difference of my breasts has become even more visible. I have hard time fitting them into the

bra cups, tankini tops, etc. Most of all, I feel unbalanced and self conscious.

I'd like to hear from the women who have gone through the similar situation and faced

the decision making. I'd really appreciate your comments and input.


  • rosevb
    rosevb Member Posts: 1

    i have just started Anastrazole. i was on it for one month and stopped it. i am very afraid of the side effects. so i changed to letrazole. but did not stay on it either. i will talk with Oncologist soon. just wondering if others felt the same and what they decided. i am now 75 years old.