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ER & PR +, HER 2 - just had lumpectomy and sentinol lymph node biopsy


I was diagnosed with ER & PR +, HER 2 - breast cancer (tumour less than 1cm) in March. I just had a lumpectomy and sentinol lymph node biopsy. 4 lymph nodes removed, the one closest to the tumour was attached to it. What treatment paths are others on for the same scenario?


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    Hi @ceebee2024 , You won’t know your treatment scenario until the surgical pathology is completed and other tests like an Oncotype DX are done to see if chemo is needed. Radiation because of the lumpectomy and hormone therapy (tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitor) because of the ER+ will most likely be recommended. Other treatment depends on information which you don’t have yet. There is an awful lot of waiting involved. Eventually you will have a treatment plan. It does get better when the plan is in place and you are undergoing treatment. All the best going forward.

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    Hi, @ceebee2024. I was diagnosed last October with ER/PR + and HER2-. Stage 1a and the tumor was 1.1cm. Have you gotten your pathology back from your surgery? Once I got mine back and found out the nine lymph nodes they took out were negative for cancer, my next step was to see my oncologist and she ordered the Oncotype test and genetic testing. My genetic testing came back negative and my Oncotype score was 7. So that meant I would not get any benefit from chemo. Since I chose a lumpectomy, my next step was radiation. I qualified for the partial accelerated breast radiation which was 5 treatments. After I got done with that (had no issues), I started taking tamoxifen since I was premenopausal. I have done fine with the tamoxifen, some muscle cramps and night sweats but nothing terrible. Due to some other issues I had, I elected to get a full hysterectomy removing the ovaries as well. I had that done in March, at some point my oncologist will switch me to an AI. So that has been my treatment plan so far, just wanted to share.

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    @ars31178 thank you for replying. I appreciate your share more than you know! I don’t have the pathology back yet so waiting for answers. It’s so tough to be patient. Day 3 after surgery and I am feeling pretty good. Fingers and toes crossed for the best possible outcome.