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Bi Rads 4 - Suspicious Hypoechoic Lesion


Hello everyone, I had a lump pop up out of no where back in December. Reached out to my doctor a month later to let him know I was feeling a possible lump. At this point still thinking it was period related or a cyst or something like that. Two months later the lump had not gone away so I went into the doctors to get his opinion. Sure enough he was like this a 2 CM nodule I am scheduling you for a Diagnostic Mammogram and Ultrasound. I was still calm at that point because he seemed calm. Went in for my scans last Thursday and then the radiologist came in during the scans and my heart started beating out of my chest. After the mammogram and then the ultrasound the radiologist came in and said they see a suspicious mass that is where the palpable concern is. He seemed calm but was very adamant that he wanted a biopsy. He walked me down the hall we got the biopsy schedule for a week later which is this Friday. So all happening very quick. Later my results went on my patient portal and my primary wanted to read them to me. She completely freaked me out and said she saw the images and said it’s very concerning and she agrees with the biopsy. The results are Bi Rads 4 suspicious there was no other lettering category. I have attached a image of the ultrasound of the mass and my results. Would love some thoughts. Even if they are bad.

I would like to add my aunt just went through this. She had a Bi Rads 4 B and after biopsy she had cancer. My step mom had Bi rads 4 A and they were not concerned at all and she got diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer! So yes I am completely freaked!

I am only 30 years old as well.

Thank you.