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Newly-dX'ed today


Hi everyone. I received my biopsy results this afternoon. I don't have the full picture yet, but I'm looking for some guidance and support from others who may have had a similar experience.

Here are my details:

  • 50-yo, possibly newly post-menopausal
  • Diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC)
  • HER2 Status: Positive
  • Hormone Receptor Status: Negative (Estrogen Receptor and Progesterone Receptor)
  • Additional Findings: High-grade DCIS, metastatic axillary lymph node involvement

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the diagnosis and any treatment decisions ahead. I understand that HER2-positive breast cancer tends to be more aggressive, but I'm unsure about the implications of having hormone receptor-negative status.

Has anyone else here dealt with HER2-positive IDC with hormone receptor-negative status? I'd like to get any insights, advice, or experiences regarding treatment options, side effects, coping strategies, etc.

Thank you all in advance for your support. ♥️


  • snm
    snm Member Posts: 93
    Options I'm so sorry to hear your news. Sending u good vibes. Check out discussion group: "ER-, PR-, Her2+ Roll call".. unfortunately there are quite a few with similar situation or who can relate. Did you say on another thread that you had thyroid issues too?

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    edited April 26

    Thank you @snm! I’ll head over there and read today.

    Yes. I have Hashimotoes. In 2010, it morphed to Hashimotoes toxicosis. While figuring out that, my endo finding a lump, and that ended up being papillary thyroid cancer. I had a total thyroidectomy (TT). They took out a surrounding lymph node or two, but they looked fine. And tested me for BRCA, which was negative. Around ‘16, I went in for a semi-suspicious jellybean-shaped lymph node in my collarbone area, but it was fine too. After the TT, I went thru 10 years of ultrasounds and whole body scans and all stayed good.

  • snm
    snm Member Posts: 93
    Options so glad to hear that you overcame the thyroid cancer for so many years! I was diagnosed with Graves a bit before my breast cancer diagnosis. Now the graves is in remission but I have 1 nodule that will be followed up on in year. Hopefully won't be an issue but who knows what life brings!