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Multiple MRI's w/varied BIRADS


I am higher risk due to family history and I have had a total of 4 biopsies, 2 in each breast (needle x1, needle core x2, and wire guided surgical x1) within the past 8 years (architectural distortion, masses, & cysts). Thankfully all have been benign.

My last mammogram was the first normal mammogram I've had, BRIAD2, July last year.

PCP requested an MRI due to my risk. MRI came back "moderate BPE bilat, scattered T2 hyperintense lesions, multiple scattered foci of enhancement bilat, and a 8mm mass enhancement under left nipple in the dermis", BIRAD0.

PCP ordered an targeted U/S. Radiologist found an "enhanced structure measuring 6mm x 3mm x 5mm in the deep tissues of the inferior margin of left nipple that she stated did not correspond with the MRI findings", BRIAD2 and stated that the area needed a biopsy so she sent me to the surgeon for a consult.

Surgeon said my clinical exam was normal, as she did not feel or find anything that was suspicious. She did not think that there was is enough information at this time to be too worried about it. Placed me in the wait and see category and ordered a 6 month follow up MRI.

Follow up MRI in October and the same area under left nipple was noted except this time it was "5mm with very low uptake", BIRAD3. Again, placed in the wait and see category with another MRI in 6 months.

Earlier this month I had my 6mo MRI and once again it noted the "nodular region of enhancement located in the subdermal of peri areolar left breast, increased in size to 7mm x 3mm x 5mm with the same kinetics of last MRI", BIRAD4 and she sent me back to the surgeon for another clinical eval stating a biopsy should be considered.

Saw the surgeon again yesterday, was told that unfortunately they have not been able to get a good scan with ultrasound to pin point where she needs to biopsy. She stated that she did not feel like a guided MRI or ultrasound biopsy were not a good option. Instead she could try and perform a wedge biopsy, taking roughly 1/3 of the skin medial to the nipple and about half of the nipple, and most likely1-3 of the collecting ducts and/or ducts under the nipple in the hopes of collecting enough of the area in question. Or. We could wait another 6 months, do a repeat MRI, and then possibly the biopsy. She stated that she would be contacting the radiologist directly to see if they could possibly narrow down the area any more in order to conserve as much as she could and still get enough for a good biopsy and would give me a call next week. We will decide if we can wait and see or if we need to proceed with the wedge biopsy.

So. Here I am, waiting. Perplexed. Concerned. Trying not to worry about what we don't know.

Good vibes, hopeful thoughts, and general well wishes and prayers are all welcome if you have a moment to spare. Thank you!!


  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 188

    I’m so sorry you’ve been through this repeatedly @tiredofbiopsies32 … your user name makes perfect sense!

    Do you feel like you are leaning one way or the other … to wait longer and watch or have the biopsy?