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Stage IV - mets to liver and bones need advice


Hi all, Does anyone have experience with ascites/fluid build up caused by liver mets?

To give a bit of context, my mum had breast cancer around two years ago and underwent chemo, lumpectomy, and radiotherapy and given the all clear.

Over the past couple of weeks her abdomen has been swelling up and it was noticed she was getting more breathless and her right leg was swelling up too.

She was admitted to hospital last week and a CT scan showed mets to the liver, spine and pelvis.

They have been draining the fluid from the abdomen over the weekend, but it built up again quickly overnight.

Today they have fitted a more permanent drain and have been able to remove 5 litres of fluid.

They think the fluid is being caused by the liver not fully functioning due to the mets and have been giving Albumin too whilst draining to increase the proteins and stop the blood pressure from getting too low.

Has anyone been in a similar situation before, and able to receive chemo or other treatment to reduce the mets?

At the moment she isn’t well enough for that, but don’t know if this is treatable at this rather advanced stage.


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    Oh miller.robert, we're so sorry for what your mom is going through! Yes, this can and does happen to people with mets to the liver. Indeed, people need to drain daily at some points (with an attached catheter), and the liver abdomen bloat can be very, VERY uncomfortable! Here is some information on liver metastases: .

    Is she on any treatment at all to manage the mets? Are they concerned about the toxicity? We're here to help in any way!

  • miller.robert
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    Thank you for the message and sharing the link. At the moment she isn't on any treatment to manage the mets as she is too unwell right now, but are draining the fluid and replacing with Albumin. 

    She is in a very delicate position at the moment, and on a fine line between getting better or worse. I just hope that she has the strength to get well enough for treatment.