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My Results: Anyone knows what this means





1. Negative left 2. 6 mm asymmetry central right MLO posterior third. Recommend right ML, spot right MLO, rolled right CC, right ultrasound 3. Prominent right axillary lymph nodes. Recommend right axillary ultrasound 4. Ultrasound may be cancelled if finding does not persist. BI-RADS CATEGORY 0: Need Additional Imaging Evaluation.


FULL FIELD DIGITAL SCREENING MAMMOGRAM WITH COMPUTER AIDED DETECTION INCLUDING TOMOSYNTHESIS Exam Date: 4/30/2024 6:52 PM REASON FOR EXAMINATION: screening for breast cancer TECHNIQUE: Standard 2D images and CC and MLO view 3D tomographic images were obtained. The 2D images were also analyzed with the R2 Image Checker CAD system. The raw and reconstructed 3D tomographic images were analyzed on the Hologic SecurView Workstation. COMPARISON: None FINDINGS: Breast density: Heterogeneously dense, which may obscure small masses. This is the patient's baseline mammogram. Left breast pattern within normal limits. Prominent right axillary nodes up to 2.7 cm. 6 mm asymmetry at the central right MLO posterior third. Circle annotation


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    Hi @monterorann and welcome to BCO. Since we are not doctors, it's really difficult for us to interpret, but since your breasts are dense, they recommend an ultrasound to check out a few areas in your right breast area. This does not mean that it is cancer, just that they want to be able to check more closely. With dense breasts, this can happen, especially with the first mammogram.

    BI-RADS 0 means "need additional imaging evaluation".

    BI-RADS results fall into categories numbered 0 through 6.  The same numbered categories are used for reporting the results of mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and breast MRIs. The recommendations for follow-up may be different, though. Category 0 Assessment: Need additional imaging evaluation. What it means: The radiologist needs more information before they can assign a BI-RADS score. The radiologist might, for example, need to compare the images with those from an earlier mammogram; they might request another mammogram with additional pictures taken (such as magnified views); and/or they might request that a breast ultrasound be performed.  Follow-up: Additional imaging needed before a category can be assigned.

    So, they'll likely call (or you call) to schedule a follow up ultrasound. This happens frequently, so try to not worry 🤗

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