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Weakness and spasms after DIEP

waves2stars Member Posts: 122

I had a Diep flap reconstruction in September of 2021. I had ongoing problems with lower abdominal weakness and cramps like large charley horses since recovery. It’s only on one side. I’ve had pt with a group who specializes in breast cancer patients, and pt remotely through MD Anderson. They all focus on building strength and stretching. I can’t believe that 2 1/2 years out I get severe stomach spasms from reaching and twisting with grocery bags, picking up my dogs, or coughing! The more I work my midsection the worse the spasms are! I’m starting to think it is just a problem with how the nerves healed, and wanted to see if anyone has experienced something similar or tried acupuncture or Botox or something other than exercise to alleviate this. Please, any suggestions, spit balls or what have you, are appreciated!