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I just got a mammogram and it came back 3.3 cm asymmetry on right breast us follow up advised. Any other women had a dx of breast cancer that started this way.


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    Welcome @jkelley19891! We're so sorry you find yourself here. Abnormal findings on a mammogram are not at all uncommon, and the vast majority turn out to be benign. Is this your first mammogram? What type of follow-up did the radiologist suggest - ultrasound, biopsy, or wait and see? We know if can be so difficult to have information without any context or answers, but we hope you get both when you've gotten a more complete diagnostic picture.

    Please keep us posted, we're thinking of you!

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  • jkelley19891
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    it stated an US I just wanted clarity on what 3.3 cm asymmetry meant on right breast and fibrogranular scattered tissue if it led more to cancer for other people

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    Fibroglandular scattered tissue is not cancer or a disease, just a breast condition that can cause lumps. Asymmetry means your right breast looks different from the left. Most of the time it signifies nothing but often an ultrasound is ordered to get a closer look. Imaging cannot diagnose cancer. If the doctors think it looks abnormal on the US they will order a biopsy since looking at the cells in a lab is the only way to tell.