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What? I have cancer?


Let me say, first…save all drafts before leaving this page. I had quite a novella written, and well…here I am again, starting over! 🤣. I was diagnosed in January of this year with lobular breast cancer…ME…that disease that happens to other people! I was lucky that it was found EXTREMELY early. Treatment included a breast conserving lumpectomy (right breast), 16 days of whole breast radiation, and 4 days of boosted radiation. And those 4 days were the ones that crisped my skin a bit…have some itching and peeling happening one week out….it could be much worse. I started taking Amiridex the last day of radiation and will continue taking it for five years. I'm researching whole food and plant based meals in an effort to clean up my diet a bit. My cancer was ER/PR positive (both 100%), HER2 negative, my Ki67 was 8%. I had genetic testing done and I do not carry the BRCA1 or 2 genes. All-in-all, I have a very good prognosis. I KNOW HOW FORTUNATE I AM, so please understand that I am not trivializing the journey of others. I have a compassionate heart and soul, and broad shoulders, and am here to listen, share stories, read the stories of others. I will be 60 next month…not sure when/how THAT happened. I have been married to the love of my life for almost 40 years, and he still lives to tell the tale! 🤣 I have a daughter who is 38, and between the two of them, and almighty God, they were (and continue to be) an unshakeable support team. The thought of having cancer has struck me at the oddest times, I think, because it was caught SO early and treatment has been easy compared to SO many others. Today I received a phone from the breast center to schedule an appt to be fitted for a special bra as my right breast has shrunk some…and probably will continue to shrink…as a side effect of the radiation. That walloped me upside the head big time. That reminder. And it prompted me to FINALLY share my post. Now, ladies (and any gents), I have a wicked sense of humor, and I semi-cringe when I even think this, but….if radiation got rid of fat in my breast…what would it do for the fat on my backside? ⚡️I know, I know…lightning is going to strike me down.

My name is Keri, and I'm pleased to meet you. I'm here to chat, share, listen, or just bitch. Because sometimes that's all we need to do.


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    Welcome Keri (texasaggie64), you said it best "what? I have cancer?" That's not in anyone's plans - and it can be quite shocking if there is no family history, you live a life of exercise and clean eating, etc. But, somehow we all found our way to this site seeking something. For me it was to educate, understand & learn from others experiences and use that to make the best of the cards I've been dealt. Sorry you are here, but glad you FINALLY logged on.