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Tumor found during reconstruction


I had skin-sparing BMX with direct to implant reconstruction in October 2021. Eventually I decided implants weren't for me, so I explanted and had a DIEP in February 2024. My radiated side didn't heal well, and I've had four surgeries since for debridement, skin grafts, etc.

All that work resulted in my left breast being half the size of the right (think a B and a DD) so today I went in for a revision and fat grafting to even them up. While doing his work, the surgeon discovered a 5mm tumor in my mastectomy scar, same clock position as my original 2.5cm IDC tumor. Per his operative dictation, the surgeon removed the tumor and it's been sent off for biopsy to "confirm malignancy". I know there are benign tumors, but I'm freaking out because my reconstructive surgeon works in a breast clinic, at least 90% of his clients are breast cancer patients, and I feel like if he had reason to believe it was benign he would've said so. What are the odds?


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    Hi @nns121317,

    We just wanted to stop by to give you a virtual hug and say we're so sorry you're going through this scare. Try to stay calm until you know more. Did the doctor have any idea about when you can expect results?

    Thinking of you and hoping for benign results!

    —The Mods