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sorella Member Posts: 54

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. I have been on faslodex (and Ibrance) for 3 and a half years. I am so fortunate that his combo is still working and don't want to change it. I have always had a couple of side effect days after shots but bearable. Though recently my side effects seem worse. Anyone experience this? It's as if my body (and mind) are just crying out enough is enough!!!!


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,952

    Have you tried the search function? There are quite a few active threads about this medication. Change the spelling to Faslodex and you should be able to pull up those threads.

  • sorella
    sorella Member Posts: 54
    edited May 31

    Oops. Thanks for the correction. I fixed the spelling.

  • radiation_cinderella
    radiation_cinderella Member Posts: 13

    Good morning everyone,

    I want to ask if anyone is having a problem with the location of the shots? My nurse always give them to me in my butt and now it feels that I have 2 small balls that don't go away (I have a total of 6 cycles). Putting hot bottles helped me last time with the pain and the itching but I still feel it…does it ever go away or it's something I will have to live with?

  • malebreastc
    malebreastc Member Posts: 93

    in my case cold sponge helps, pain and lumps usually go in 3 to 4 days. I have had 32 cycles by now..

  • thebar1957
    thebar1957 Member Posts: 10

    My nurse said Faslodex has to be given in the buttocks muscle. I have them do one cheek at a time. I place my knee on the chair to relax the muscle. When I changed drs offices the new nurses asked if I wanted them to double up and inject me at the same time. I reluctantly tried it and decided I'd rather do one injection at a time as I thought it hurt twice as much. I usually use a heating pad when I get home or turn on my heated car seat as I drive home.