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1/2 letrozole


i am 60 yo (post menupause). i had R mastectomy 4 weeks ago due to dcis, stage 0, grade 2, ER+. i will try letrozole soon for my L breast which is fine. i am thinking i will try 1/2 pill first and see how it goes as i already have vaginal dryness. i used vaginal estrace before but i stopped using it and just use vaginal moisturiser for a while back and i manage it ok. my doctor insists me to try whole pill first and continue to use vaginal estrace twice a week. however, i read that vaginal estrace will increase the chance to have breast cancer even on AI. i know the research was done on the 2.5 mg letrozole but it is a preventive measure and 1/2 pill can still help. rather not to start vaginal estrace again. will eat healthy, exercise and avoid alcohol/stress and so on. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!