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Not diagnosed with metastasis but mixed tumor marker results


Hello again, It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on these forums. I’m almost 10 years out.

I had 3 different tumor markers ordered by my GP in Bulgaria and done at an accredited lab. CA-15 (13.1 U/ml) and CEA (1.72 ng/l) were normal but a new marker I’m not familiar with was elevated. It’s called CYFRA 21-1 and seems highly sensitive for breast cancer relapse according to an older study from 2000. It is also used to detect early NSCLC lung cancer (non-smoker here). I take it this marker is not used much in US as I could not find any posts about it?

Should I be concerned with a level of 3.9 ng/l? The reference rage in Bulgaria cuts off at 2.9 but in US is 3.3.

Is anyone familiar with this test? What should be my next step?