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Mom with stage 2 ILC


hello everyone!
this is about my mom, she just went through a single mastectomy for stage2A ILC(multifocal). There were two tumors, one was 23 mm and the second one was 10 mm.No lymph nodes involved, no LVI but PNI was found.

So far, no chimeotherapy or radiotherapy was discussed, only daily letrozole.

Is this an ok course of action? We were expected chimeotherapy and radiotherapy but nope.

Are there any chances that she we will be ok for the next 5 to 10 years?

She is ER 95%, PR 5%, HER2 negative( 1+)

Grade 2, ki-67 3 %, mitotic score 1

Thank you!


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    Hi @domi26 and we welcome you warmly here.
    Indeed, not every stage II breast cancer will need chemotherapy or radiotherapy, if the lymph nodes are all negative. And the hormonal therapy is systemic, so she will be on a long-term treatment.

    However, depending on where you are, her insurance, and the feasibility, she may want to simply get a second opinion for peace of mind. Many people feel more confident in their decision-making after a second opinion.

    We're here for you!
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  • domi26
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    SO on Monday she had a follow up appointment with her surgeon who is also the manger of the oncology team.

    Long story short: she got the all clear and she was recommended only letrozole due to her cancer profile. Also it seems the her PNI case is not a prognostic factor. No chimeotherapy, no radiotherapy. Rly hope she will be ok.