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hmh23 Member Posts: 50

I’m hoping someone can provide me some guidance. I am a 14 year Stage 3A ILC survivor. I did all the right things including chemo rads double mastectomy and 13+ years of Arimidex. Believing that you get long term benefit of protection from long term use of Arimidex, I made the decision to stop taking it because I was having some muscular skeletal issues. Anyhow fast forward one year after I stopped taking it, my CA15-3 went up for the very first time from 12 to 20! YIKES! I know it’s not necessarily a number to be worried about but still a bit nervous. I also had two cortisone shots 2 days before so not sure if they may have affected my markers. Simultaneously my MUGS numbers went up too!

My ONC is going to check in August but still a bit nervous. SO my question is, has anyone had an increase like this and not had a further increase? Also, does anyone know if cortisone shots can affect your tumor markers?

Thank you, in advance for your input! Heather


  • gracejoy
    gracejoy Member Posts: 26
    edited June 20

    I would not worry too much about the CA 15-3 levels because it’s still within the normal range. Probably if you do the blood test again it will be a bit lower or different number as long as it’s within the normal range so no worries. That’s a normal blood test analysis.