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BIRADS 4a to 3 downgrade


Good morning,

following a bilateral ultrasound I was diagnosed with:

 - Microcalcifications with segmental and slightly heterogeneous distribution in the left QSE with an extension of 7 x 4 cm.  

- BIRADS 4a  

- VABB biopsy for histological typing recommended and organized. 

Doing some research on the web I came across some less invasive methods to potentially downgrade the BIRADS from 4a to 3:

Do you know if there is any specialized center in Switzerland or Italy to follow this type of approach?

Thank you



  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,081

    @pimpi78 Hi Maria, The article in the link is about using artificial intelligence to help train resident radiologists (doctors in training) who were incorrectly assigning a score of BIRADS 4a to a scan which should have been classified BIRADS 3. Since your ultrasound was given a score of BIRADS 4a by a practicing doctor you should have the biopsy as recommended. There is a 90 to 98% probability it will be benign but not having the biopsy might mean that a small tumor would continue to grow.

    Vacuum assisted biopsies are invasive but don’t leave any lasting scars. There will be some bruising and soreness but ice packs and acetaminophen should help. There is an excellent chance that no further treatment will be needed. All the best!

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,287

    thank you @maggie15 for your excellent reply, and really looking at the details. @pimpi78 we hope that you can find a biopsy approach that is best for what you want. We're all here for you!