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Stage II w/Lymph Node Involvement

Warrior517 Member Posts: 240
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I am so thrilled we finally have a place to call HOME here! I was diagnosed w/IDC last year at the age of 39. It was in 2/6 lymph nodes. I was also HER2 and Estrogen Positive.I had dbl mastectomy w/implants. This summer, one of the implants failed. So, I underwent a DIEP procedure w/Dr. Massey and Dellacroce in New Orleans. Great Outcome!! I did TCH for six rounds, rads and a year of Herceptin. I am currently on tamoxifen and Boniva (study). 

I just wanted to start this thread for those that had it spread to lymph nodes. I can't tell you how many threads I have read that said "thank God, my nodes were clear"...we all weren't as lucky. BUT I believe God puts people in our path when we need them most. Last year during Rads,I met an older lady(she was there for her hubby) who told me that she was a 30 year survivor and Yes..It was in her lymph nodes! The job of the lymph nodes is to catch that little sucker!



  • AnnaM
    AnnaM Member Posts: 136
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    Confused, I thought I was IIb because of the lymph node involvement. Maybe staging has changed?

  • Warrior517
    Warrior517 Member Posts: 240
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    Hi Anna...

    Stage IIA can be a smaller tumor w/lymph node involvement, or a single larger tumor. My tumor was 1.9cm(one of three) w/lymph node involvement which made me Stage IIA, if it would of been 2cm, then I would of been IIB.  Stage II UNITE!

  • wackyjackie
    wackyjackie Member Posts: 107
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    I'm stage IIb also.  I am not Her+.  Thanks for starting this thread.

  • stef58
    stef58 Member Posts: 32
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    Hello, I just got done with chemo and finally a place to get answers for our stage. I had 2A with 1 node and multifocal with the biggest being 1.5. The other spots were less than 1mm. Had a mastecomy in June 4A/C  dd then 4 taxtoere. Had neualsta after every chemo and that was the worst part of the treatments. They told me the node catches the cancer and that it did its job. Looking forward to life just wish the hair would grow. Started coming back on taxotere.  Hope life is good, I thinking it is great. Hugs dianne

  • Warrior517
    Warrior517 Member Posts: 240
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    Welcome Jackie..or should I say Wacky! lol I love it!! With all the threads on here, it is amazing that we never truly had a place to go! This thread needs to be the place we can go for understanding, friendship and most of all, advice for those w/this diagnosis. Glad you are here.

  • Warrior517
    Warrior517 Member Posts: 240
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    Congrats on finishing chemo!! Yeah...I going to share a poem with you that I wrote after treatments were done. You may be able to relate to the many feelings...ENJOY! PS..My pic is me now and chemo ended last will grow back!!

    The Chapter Closes...

    It has been over a year since I received the call

    You have breast cancer...I remember starting to bawl.

    Surgery was needed, chemo and rads, too.

    Don't forget the IV med, Herceptin, which is new!

    My journey is written but I don't know the end....

    But do any of us really, my friend??

    I have written each chapter in my heart and my head,

    From every tear to hope to all of the meds.

    My surgery has temporaily changed me frm a C to an A

    Thank goodness for pump ups in this modern day!

    I made it thru surgery, waking up w/4 drains.

    Taking my Vicodin to get thru the pains.

    I heal and get stronger each and everyday

    So, I finish that chapter w/success, I say!

    A new chapter starts, the one we all dread...

    Chemo begins and I know it will affect my head.

    Soon, my brush was filled w/chunks of hair

    I was sad, but I was prepared to look in the mirror.

    Fun wigs..short wigs...sassy ones, too!

    No one knew which one I would do!

    Made it through chemo w/support of family and friends

    Time to close that chapter, thought it would never end!

    So, the new chapter begins of radiation for over 6 weeks

    The burn and the pain would eventually peak

    Again, I make it thru w/everyone's love and prayers.

    Each day, I live in Faith and Hope, NOT fears.

    I close the chapter of my new burnt skin.

    Grateful my expanders did not give in!

    I do my IV med, Herceptin, every 3 weeks for a year.

    The Oncologists staff know you by name and truly care

    The access was made easier by inserting a port

    But it's been over a year, not very short!

    So, when does this chapter get to close for me?

    In 2 weeks, and my heart needed these words to be free

    You won't hear this often, but it gets stuck in our mind.

    We get fearful, as safety nets are removed one at a time.

    This is where I learned to control what I think

    Positive thoughts can turn a black world to pink!

    I also have learned to not live in fear, but hope

    It is love, faith and believing that helps us cope.

    So, here I sit two weeks before my final surgery day

    Looking forward to silicone, port out and an overnite stay

    I felt the need to write down my words for others to hear.

    Maybe you will read them and want to share

    I am a fighter, a warrior at war.

    I have my battle wounds to even the score

    I wear my pink boxing gloves and continue to fight.

    So, pray for all of us each day and each night!!


  • 5graces
    5graces Member Posts: 12
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    I think I am stage llb. I had 1 cm tumor and 2/14 nodes, grade 1. (2 if you count sentinel) Only thing is....the one node I had was extranodal, meaning it had burst out of it's little capsule.  Does anyone know if this increases risk of recurrance?  I haven't been able to find out much about this. 

  • stephanie1
    stephanie1 Member Posts: 23
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    Stage II Stage II is divided into subcategories known as IIA and IIB.Stage IIA describes invasive breast cancer in which:no tumor can be found in the breast, but cancer cells are found in the axillary lymph nodes (the lymph nodes under the arm), OR the tumor measures 2 centimeters or less and has spread to the axillary lymph nodes, OR the tumor is larger than 2 centimeters but not larger than 5 centimeters and has not spread to the axillary lymph nodesStage IIB describes invasive breast cancer in which:the tumor is larger than 2 but no larger than 5 centimeters and has spread to the axillary lymph nodes, OR the tumor is larger than 5 centimeters but has not spread

  • Warrior517
    Warrior517 Member Posts: 240
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    Thanks, Stephanie, or shoudl I say Super Woman!! Woo hoo Is that you this past Halloween?Laughing
  • AnnaM
    AnnaM Member Posts: 136
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    Wow, this is great. You guys are so on top of things. Warrior, I love your poem! I had DIEP reconstruction, too.

    I went into the MX thinking I had widespread DCIS. It was such a shock when they found the micromets in my nodes. The pathologist had to do three studies on my breast tissue because they couldn't figure out where the cancer cells came from. They were all less than 3 mm. There was no tumor in the breast tissue. My BS advised against going back and taking out more nodes. That's why I got chemo.

    Dianne, your hair will indeed come back. Mine came back very very curly and it stayed curly for about one year. It's back to where it was before now, but there seems to me more of it. Weird, huh? I really can't complain. I got myself a cheap wig during chemo and it was very cute, but I only wore it a handfull of times. I got lots of compliments and couldn't figure out why people didn't see it was a wig. I was bald during winter, so it was nice to wear soft fleece caps all the time.

    I don't know anything about extranodal nodes, 5graces. 

    Anyway, nice to meet all of you!


  • stephanie1
    stephanie1 Member Posts: 23
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    Miss WARRIOR :) I figured might as well just put the facts up for any newbies.  TO THE RESCUE 

    I am supergirl everyday of the year. My superpower is the ability to fly as given to me by my radiation treatments LOL.

    I got that because a male friend of mine asked me to let him know which superpower I was given because of the radiation. I thought that was too cute.

     It came to me in a dream that I am now SUPERGIRL

    Perhaps you have xray vision?

    so glad to have you girls to talk to, 


  • Warrior517
    Warrior517 Member Posts: 240
    edited November 2009

    Anna..Glad you liked the poem! Some have a tumor, some don't...this disease is never the same for each of us, is it? My lymph nodes didn't just have micromets, it has MACRO, nearly 1cm tumor in one of them!! Aggressive little stinker...but I kicked its butt and then some!

    Grace-Being that our Forum is so new, it may take a bit of time to get your answer. I am confident you will find someone that can explain it better. In the meantime, YOU ARE HEALED. Simple as that, my friend!!Wink super power?? Lets see....I glow! I glow in the darkest of hours by trying to be positive and finding the silver linings. (Lots of practice..didn't always come

    Look fwd to many threads, ladies!   Kathy aka Warrior

    PS Any Moms out there? I have a 8, 11 and 14 year old!

  • Ainm
    Ainm Member Posts: 362
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    It's great to see we got our own home at last

  • valeriekd
    valeriekd Member Posts: 79
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    Great job!

  • AnnaM
    AnnaM Member Posts: 136
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    Yep, a mom and a grandma, 30 year-old daughter, 39 year-old stepson and 37 year-old stepdaughter. 16 month-old grandson (I simply can't resist):

  • Mamita49
    Mamita49 Member Posts: 58
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    When did you start your Tamoxofin ?

    We are very close in dx.  

  • stephanie1
    stephanie1 Member Posts: 23
    edited November 2009


    I haven't started it yet. I have my last radiation on Tuesday. I had 33 treatments and I missed 3 of them one week as my doc let me go to Orlando for work so I am trying to catch back up. I am not scheduled to go to the oncologist until early December so I will be starting then. Not too thrilled out about it. Funny I would be scared of anything after everything we have been through right but for some reason I am nervous about the side effects of it. I am sure it will be fine though. Guess I am fearful of menopausal type symptoms or something. I am 36 now and I guess I am not ready for all of this. But this too shall pass right :)

    I started taking clodonrate a month ago for a trial.     

  • Lauren3
    Lauren3 Member Posts: 37
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    I am so glad to find this thread. 

    I'm was diagnosed in May at age 32, I'm 33 now.  Finished TAC chemo a few weeks ago and began rads this week (3 down and 32 or less to go).  I had my first Lupron injection on Wednesday and will be starting Tamox. soon too. 

    I know what you mean about reading "thank goodness the nodes were clear" on posts.  It always puts a pit in my stomach.  I guess I was close to 2B also since my tumor was 1.8.

    I have a 2 year old son.  We were going to begin trying for another soon (this was the month we planned to start actually) but I guess God had other plans. 

  • reen
    reen Member Posts: 45
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    I think I belong here.  Is there an age limit?  I'm 51. 

  • Warrior517
    Warrior517 Member Posts: 240
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    Reen......Age limit?? Neeeeeverrrrr!! lol  You are young, silly!!

    Anna- BEAUTIFUL Grandson!! I love his little scarf! ha ha

    Welcome Mamita! Is that you with your daughter? So cute!

    Stephanie- I was 39 at dx. I did have chemo induced menopause. Basically some hot flashes, but my cycles did come back and I am back to pre menoupausal. Obviously, its hard to predict if your cycles come back but just look ahead in shorter segments. As my favorite saying goes..."Faith is taking the first step when you can't see the whole staircase"    Just take your first step and believe the rest will fall into place!

    Lauren..Welcome!!  How is rads going for you so far? How long does the dr want you do to Lupron? any side effects from it??

  • mmm5
    mmm5 Member Posts: 797
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    lymph node - schmymph node

    I know I don't have positive lymph nodes but I just wanted to tell all of you ladies that every lady I know personally that has had breast cancer (friends and family) have been lymph node positive and all are doing great.

    My stepmom (3 positive nodes  14 years out)

    My stepaunt   (too many to count dxed at 40 says atleast 10 positive nodes) going strong 23 years later

    Director of HR at my company (1 node large 5cm tumor 7 years out)

    Close friends Godmother (6 nodes one big tumor in node) 6 years out

    Longtime friend of family (8 nodes highly Her2)  6 years out

    Mom at my sons school (3 nodes 5 years out)

    Hope I did not intrude but wanted you to remember what L Nodes are for 'catching the Cancer"

    Stay Well, and BELIEVE

  • glow01
    glow01 Member Posts: 1
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    Hey, diagnosed at 43 years old - 5-1/2 years ago.  Stage IIB, 7 of 11 nodes positive. Doing great!

  • Warrior517
    Warrior517 Member Posts: 240
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    Great Posts, Sisters!! (Congrts Glow!)

    Success Stories are the BEST..keep em coming!

    MAMAQ Member Posts: 140
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    Warrior... I liked your poem alot.  It's nice to be able to get your feelings out.  I am a mom with kids close to the same age.  I have a 13, 12, 9 and 3 year old. 

    Anna... I had a microinvasion with a micromet in my SNB.  It was a little shocking to be told this info when you weren't expecting it. 

    Stephanie... I don't have a superpower, no rads here.  I always wanted a superpower.

    Lauren... Wow, you are young.  I hope that fate brings another child to you somehow. 

    Reen... 51 is young, nowhere near to an age limit.

  • samiam
    samiam Member Posts: 39
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    It is wonderful to hear all the positive stories from women with lymph node positive BC.  I (much to the surprise of myself and my physicians) was diagnosed with IDC and one positive node.  I had a tumor less than 1 cm, grade 1, very low KI-67 ... and guess what?  I still had a positive node.  It has been one year since I finished chemo and I'm doing great. Now if I could only figre out how to manage this curly hair!

  • AnnaM
    AnnaM Member Posts: 136
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    Enjoy those curls, samiam, those days were great cause I never had to fiddle with my hair. Now I'm back to blowdrying. I never once had a badhairday when I was bald either. Now my hair is back to normal and serves as my own private barometer.

    How great is this to meet women who have such similar node/micromet/"tumor" stats! I've been on these boards for four years and always felt sort of alone in that department.

    I do have some superpowers, but I already had them way before my diagnosis. I can write upside down and backwards at the same time and that's a sign I'm far out on the dyslexia scale. Great conversation starter. I'm also a puzzle wiz. That's about the extent of it though.

    So many of you have young children. That's the one sure thing that can bring me to tears: that this disease can disrupt the lives of such young women.

    Hugs to all of you!


  • Warrior517
    Warrior517 Member Posts: 240
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    Anna...your writng skills! Classic!! It sounds like chemobrain didn't take your talent away!! lol

    I agree with was hard finding similiar dx in one area and I am glad we have this thread!

    When I had those "curls", I used to dress them up a bit w/a cute thin head scarf worn like a way to keep those curls under

  • Lauren3
    Lauren3 Member Posts: 37
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    Warrior - so far the rads are ok.  I get uncomfortable staying in the same position without being able to move but I'm getting used to it.  As long as it works I'd lay on that table all day!  I loved your poem, especially the part about the pink boxing gloves!  I too have many different "hairstyles" these days, although I'm really starting to get sick of being bald!  The hair is growing back a tad but soooo slowly.

    MMM - thank you so much, I really needed that today.  What you posted really gives me so much hope!  

    Everyone - nice to "meet" you.  Have I mentioned, I love this thread?

  • GOGOT1
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    HI, IAM 48  YEARS YOUNG !!!!!







    LOVE THIS TREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mumito
    mumito Member Posts: 2,007
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    This is where I belong. Just finished my scond mast and was told by the onc see you next year.Fingers crossed but always that nagging worry.