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  • dearlife
    dearlife Member Posts: 634
    edited June 2021

    Dear Cocogirl

    I am sorry you lost your friend. I admire you for your hospice work - it must be very wearing sometimes when you have your own health worries. I too have been through the six month watch several times. As the day of the test approaches, I start to get nervous and have a very hard time as it gets closer. But I “passed" my last test on Friday, so I can breathe again. 👍

    I am wishing you the very best results on Tuesday!



  • ubershop7
    ubershop7 Member Posts: 32
    edited November 2021

    Hi, I am replying to some earlier posts..if you are concerned about the gadolinium, as I was, ask if they offer CEDM. Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography. Some of the hospital based imaging centers offer it, usually the research hospitals. I had it during my initial diagnostic workup bc my breasts are dense. Same cost as mammogram, but usually insurance doesn't pay for the contrast material, which is not gadolinium. I think its iodine. Google it for more info.