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  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Hi all; Its been a long time since I've written. I was very sad to see the Moth passed away. I wish I could message w her rn. She answered one of my first posts about a biopsy - she explained everything so clearly that I knew what was going to happen before it happened. The time she took to walk me through the process helped me immeasurably.

    I had my final recon surgery in Jan 2020. Because implants have been bothering me I decided to go flat. As a part of the run up to surgery I was given a PET scan the week before last. Results showed a couple lymph nodes in the interior chain lit up.

    Does anyone know if false positives are a thing in PET scans? Has anyone had one? Not quite sure what to make of it other than it's bad news.

    Thanks all : )

  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

  • elderberry
    elderberry Member Posts: 1,031

    bluesky1969: Hi!!! I wondered what happened to this thread. I don't think I answered your query about Dr. Sasha. I am just now waiting on the results of my last PET scan and …well… we all know about what goes through our minds. I am sorry I can't answer the false positive. Maybe they will run other tests or perhaps do a biopsy. If it helps I have this "anomaly" in my upper left arm that lights up in PETs. I ended up with an MRI and a bone marrow biopsy.. It still lights up and it is still an "anomaly". Dr Sasha and I laugh that is Gates' tracking device from my first Covid jab or maybe an implant following an alien abduction. I hope and wish the best for you.

    I was so sad about marianelizabeth, moth and Pots. I got to know Ann (Pots) quite well and I think we could have become quite good friends had we met under happier circumstances.

    Let us know how it goes!!!!

  • gladis
    gladis Member Posts: 45

    I still think of her kindness, when I was first diagnosed with IDC and had just moved to BC/Canada, Moth was so knowledgeable!

    A bright light in the gloom!

    Remember her videos?😄

    (and her educational stats reminders)💔

    After a lumpectomy/surgery, no rad treatment, ( long sad story)

    and trying letrazol, landing on exemestane...

    1.5 yrs later...

    Today, the mammogram techs looked for a mole during my contrast mammogram after we thought I was finished.

    ( I don't have a mole😔)

    They talked to the doctor...


    BC cancer took more contrast pix and didn't elaborate.

    BC Cancer said I'll get the results in one to two weeks.

    The wait is excruciatingly painful and the fear just becomes a familiar terrorist.

  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Thanks for reaching out Elderberry. I love the Gates conspiracy theory joke! Def going to poach that for future use.

    Gladis, thanks you for sharing what's going on with you. I'll keep you in my thoughts and wish for the best outcome. We'll battle the terrorist together.

    I appreciate when I call out into the universe that you responded. It's a comfort when the sword of Damocles dangling above your head. One of the tough parts of this dreaded situation is the metaphorical waiting room. Little info and lots of imagination to run wild.

    I did request my PET report which was sent promptly. The last line reads "however, the right internal mammary lymphadenopathy is far more concerning, particularly given the patient's history, is highly suggestive of malignancy."

    So that sux. Working on getting a biopsy asap, and won't take a month long wait laying down. I have my boxing gloves on :)

    Be well BC Ladies…

  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Also - any thread suggestions? I'm kinda lost on this New & Improved site. Haven't got my bearings yet.

    Any and all recco's welcome

    With thanks

  • gladis
    gladis Member Posts: 45

    Same, I'll keep you close in my thoughts BlueSky,

    and in my pocket ;-D- still Moth and Wren <3)

    I haven't gotten used to the new and improved site

    (and the frequent MODs!)

    Oh my goodness, Eldberberry, I heard today that my 'activated' lymph node

    (other breast/june) might be a Covid- Vax souvenir

    -perfect to poach -chuckle


    The Universe hears US 😍😎

    Here with you BC strong~

    My girls~friends to the end

  • dearlife
    dearlife Member Posts: 634

    Hi Everyone

    I haven’t posted in a long time either. I don’t like the changes to this site but it’s a lifeline and I’m glad to see you here. I miss Moth too, and Marian and Pots.

    I hoped to get my five year graduation certificate from the Cancer Agency this spring. Well, my cancer breast passed but now the other one is causing trouble. I am having another lumpectomy in October after months of tests, scans, a biopsy and so much waiting. Luckily it is not invasive, but DCIS, a pre cancer that has to be removed since I am a high risk case. I don’t know yet if I will have radiation. It probably depends on the final pathology after surgery.

    I know I am lucky that it is still in situ, but I do hate this terrorist that ruins sleep, spoils vacations and takes away dear friends.

    Gladis, you summed it up so well.

    BlueSky and Elderberry, crossing my fingers your scans turn out just fine!



  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Where's Wrenn? please tell me she's ok…

    Just catching up. Read about Pat/Saddieservant - I'm not a writer, not sure I can capture the thunk and hollow in my stomach reading that she's gone. Insert Fword here. So unfair to lose her and Moth, Mariane and Pots. Fword.

  • gladis
    gladis Member Posts: 45

    Good evening BC women warriors!

    Bluesky1969, I’ve only hope that if Wren isn’t here…it’s good news!

    I read in a comment here that most of us are on this forum

    because of sorry a$$ news on our backdoor.

    Mostly, those who can FLEE,


    Totally Understandable.

    I hiked to a prayer tree on Vancouver Island and placed a shell…and said a prayer for Moth.

    We never met but I felt compelled by the Force <3

    We have connection and impact -some still <3

    That thunk is real, BK1969

    You relayed it perfectly.

    While I didn’t know Pat/Saddieservant , it still is loss

    Of a beautiful connection…Pots, Marianne and more…

    (I hear Moth again 😫)

    It is all of us, it is everyone. <3

    May next week turn all our scans to better news 🙏 or if you aren’t feeling that.


    Better than the feel we are carrying now

    -without data.



    On an UP note!!!

    Wonderful to have you here Dear Life and sorry too that you’ve got to go through this

    But cheering your ‘’tude’’😎

    Wishing you all a goodnight Canadian warrior women of BC.

  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Funny (?) story:

    I've been taking the last of my lorazepam a few nights this week. Tried to only take a sleeping pill last night but couldn't stop my brain. I keep a safe in my bathroom for heavier drugs like lorazepam. (I have a hx of kidney stones and two teenage boys in the house so need to keep everyone but me drug free.) At some point in the night, mildly sedated by zopliclone, I opened the safe, took a lorazapam, then I guess decided that I'd keep them out of the safe for easier access. Reader: I have looked high and low for them - I've hidden them on myself. Outsmarted myself - likely hid them somewhere in my room thinking that while they are out of the safe, they should still be hidden.

    Anyway - that's my day so far xo BlueSky

  • gladis
    gladis Member Posts: 45

    Worrisome but imho:

    part of our poor brains on scramble whole we"anticipate" the next scenario.

    Hope you find them soon Blue Sky🫶

  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Hi all; me again.

    My baseline is anxious.

    I have a call w MO Monday am and a U/S guided Biopsy Tues am. Biopsy is done w a local so that's good I guess? Because my interior mammary chain node lit up I thought I would need a deeper biopsy.

    Good new/Bad new story: I'll have been biopsied a week after I read my PET Scan report. Great that it's quick, and I'll have information. Bad news that it's quick? Shrugs shoulders.

    Managed to go for a walk today for the first time this week, which is good. Going to keep walking.

    I had about 12 calls back and forth w BCCA today trying to book a lab appt. Was a gong show. Hope that's extent of the broken telephone game. So odd - each person telling me something different. In the end I asked the med assistance to fax the req over to my local lifelab.

    If anyone has any ideas on different pages/threads I should look at please let me know. I'm dazed ; )

    It's a beautiful night, hope you are enjoying it wherever you are.

  • gladis
    gladis Member Posts: 45

    Hey Saturday, it's about to rain and while it's much needed(really)...

    It's hard to keep hopeful when it drizzles for days to weeks, to exercise, to keep on keeping on, when you're in 'this head place'.

    Keep walking Blue Sky, it's for your mental health.🩷

    I use life lab whenever possible

    The hospital lab/gong show🤣 is too much, in trying to be kinder to myself.

    I was in the park yesterday after an hour of dance with some friends when BC Cancer left a garbled VM but the msg was to come in for an US.

    Mind you, I almost didn't meet up with my dance ladies cuz... Well you know the oppression of waiting and the depression that runs along the seams of your being.

    My oncologist is calling next week and will hopefully have my contrast mammogram report.

    But a US after any mammogram, is not a great sign, at all.

    My husband had met me there for date night.

    We were going out, the sun was shining, birds, the mountains in the background.

    I froze waiting for my oncologist office to pick up. Disconnected, call again, long hold waiting.

    I shook, my teeth chattered,I couldn't tell my husband what was wrong, it felt like shock.

    My pups were running around, the sun was shining, we were just dancing!

    This isn't my first rodeo, why was I so stricken this time?

    It's the terror. Only those of us who've survived this medical gamut Know this thing!

    Colleen saved my weekend, she's in Simmons office at four pm🫂 on a Friday.

    That US was requested in April. 🥴 dense breasts, no reports back yet, have a good weekend.

    The relief, immeasurable in that moment. The tears in my guys eyes, this shit is too real ladies.


  • gladis
    gladis Member Posts: 45
    edited September 23

    Blue Sky, I'll be thinking of you Tuesday🫂

    I'm at BCC and Lions Gate on Wednesday for an MRI

    ( follow up to a sarcoma/schwanoma) I'd love to meet up one day if the stars align.

    Serious good luck!🙏

  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Thanks Gladys. I'll be sending good vibes on Weds hug 🤞

  • gladis
    gladis Member Posts: 45

    I know it's too soon but thinking of you Bluesky1969🫂

  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Thanks Gladys. I hope your MRI went well.

    My biopsy turned into an adventure, but not the fun kind. I ending up w half a collapsed lung.

    I don't blame the Dr who preformed the biopsy because they tried their best to get a sample from a very tricky spot (I didn't get how tricky) and I appreciate the effort trying they took trying. I was pretty sore after, surprisingly sore - I obviously wasn't expecting it. Took 2 Tylenol, slept all afternoon and tried to sleep again at night, but couldn't. I was up all night coughing and couldn't get comfortable. MO called mid day to explain the unsuccessful biopsy and heard me unable to speak without coughing. She insisted I get an X-ray at BCAA, so off I go in an Uber to get the X-ray, which was done quickly. Back home in an uber, try to rest for a couple hours until My MO calls me to direct me to the ER immediately. Was a long 48 hours, a chest tube, not enough pain meds at points, but was back in my bed on Fri.

    I have a PET scan early Nov to compare/contrast the 2 nodes that were hoped to be biopsied. Very deep, and too close to my lung. Not great info.

    I'm considering getting a second opinion from US hospital. Working on that now, and as soon as I can fly I'll likely proceed.

    Thanks for reading. Be well all xo

  • gladis
    gladis Member Posts: 45
    edited October 2

    I knew it…

    I worried for a REASON


    BK, I checked every day/night to see if you had any news…hoping.

    I'm so grateful you are recovering,

    that you are mentally still strong,


    you've a plan for your own outcome!!

    I'm so sorry BK that you had to go through this <U>

    your attitude and kindness bring me to a better level of understanding this BC-BC trauma.

    Rolling with this Oh -so broken medical system takes a type of tenacity that I have trouble enduring -

    many times to include this past week at BCCA.

    (Asked to leave during the middle of the US, and return when they finished with another patient.

    Ok.cold shivery in the hall- poor person…)

    Odd, disorienting, yes… but not what you endured. :-(

    Two hours later at LGH this time,

    my contrast MRI where I had to 'prove' where my incision was

    since it didn't match my records from St Paul's-

    note I also have never been to St. Paul's in my entire life-

    no matter to these two MRI techs!

    My oncologist won't release this past week's mammo results to me


    because while she was reading the results over the phone

    —which were initially so positive!!

    but then

    veered into contradiction by the third paragraph.

    She couldn't sign off-

    which I found out after a long wait on the third floor /records.

    This isn't the first incidence BK,

    last year my biopsy for a sarcoma pelvic tumour …I don't have a pelvic tumour.

    It was my heel.


    My confidence level to hope ratio plummets- a lot.

    How do you do it,????

    no blame, wait until Nov,

    get on a plane when you are healed…

    just hope you are realizing the amazing here :-)

    You inspire. <3

    I DID go to the USA this JUNE for a 3D mammo at Beth Israel-

    results in an hour

    and an US with a PA follow up

    -same day. ($1500 US/4 hours)

    TY GOD or I'd be losing more of my mind right now.

    I had to pay almost that much to Norther Vancouver Imaging last year

    when I could NOT get a MRI for a sarcoma diagnosis

    even WITH a signed requisition saying immediate MRI needed from Lions Gate H.

    It took four weeks to get that MRI's biopsy

    result back!

    and that's a longer scary story for another forum! :-D!

    I DID pay for analysis in Seattle for a different (not BC) cancer diagnosis last year.(approx $300/two weeks with shipping))

    But I also worked so very hard to do the right thing to try and not place blame

    and to 'accept' that all CA peoples are struggling with this sadness,

    but when 'death is on the line' (Princess Bride). :-D

    yikes—this is long but yeah,

    you inspire. <3!

    Take such good care


    Stay strong, I'm here for whatever that is worth.

    and I'm grateful for this forum.

    (sky kiss)

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,193

    @bluesky1969, we're sorry to hear what you're going through, and the biopsy didn't go as planned. We can imagine how challenging and frustrating this must be for you. If you decide to go for a second opinion, here's some info from

    Good luck! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    The Mods

  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Thanks Gladis. It is all so hard. And disorganized. I'm sorry you have to suffer through all of it - and more. I'm sending hugs

    Thanks Mods, I'll have a look. I'm a bit lost right now.

    Next PET early Nov, and hopefully a second opinion between now and then.

    be well, P