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Lumpectomy Lounge....let's talk!



  • FireKracker
    FireKracker Member Posts: 5,858

    I slept throu the entire thing.3x.yes 3x.brings back bad memories but remember im 3 yrs.out.Everything is doable.Keep it in the back of your mind.Its gonna be ok.

  • savgigi
    savgigi Member Posts: 245

    Good luck tomorrow, April

  • april485
    april485 Member Posts: 1,983

    Thanks Savgigi. I am really nervous but happy to finally get my results!

  • rmlulu
    rmlulu Member Posts: 1,499

    Yeah I'm so happy relieved my post op MRI is clear :)) RO said 1st MRI was over more biopsies no more surgery I get to move past go on to Radiation Road yippee!

    Friday will be my setup & Tatoos. So ready to be out of jail and move to next step.

    April485 hope you received good news too!

    Today is good. Getting use to left side smaller & higher with a dimple just wish it wasn't so tender when walking. Incision scar is hard does that go away? Hope I can get past a boob sock & extra sports bra when walking ...

    Hugs to you all!

  • april485
    april485 Member Posts: 1,983

    I am really happy for you RMlulu! Unfortunately, although I did get clean margins, one of them was <1mm so I go for my re-excision surgery on Monday the 11th.Cry Although I am totally bummed about needing more surgery, the bright side is that all they found was DCIS and NO invasive or LCIS. I was more worried about that than my clean margins. It just means my tx gets pushed back farther out and that is a bummer. I wanted to be all done before May! Now, I won't even likely begin rads until early to mid April...sigh.

    Anyway, it is what it is as my Mom used to say. Thanks for your kind thoughts!

  • savgigi
    savgigi Member Posts: 245

    April, bummer about the margin, but the best news is no invasive disease. Hooray for that good news!

  • snorkeler
    snorkeler Member Posts: 10

    RMlulu--My surgeon told me that the hard area under the incision is due to scar tissue forming. She recommended massaging the area (with or without lotion or oil) to break up the tissue. I'm about 10 months out of radiation and my scar has improved a lot, both in feeling and visually.

  • CameraKim
    CameraKim Member Posts: 33

    Hi Everyone :)

    Glad to hear everyone seems to be doing fine! Hoping for lots of positive reports!

    I had neoadjuvant chemo, so my pathology from this lumpectomy will determine how effective it was for me. My tumor was grade three and we know from an earlier biopsy that I had at least one node that was positive.

    I had my wire guided lumpectomy yesterday and am feeling great today. Both procedures were very easy! They weren't able to make out my tumor on the ultrasound since it had shrank so much from chemo, so I had to do it  via mammogram. That wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined since they don't compress you nearly as hard as they do during a regular mammogram...really only just enough to keep you still.

    The lumpectomy and SNB took about 2 hours. They ended up taking three lymph nodes. I was in recovery for about an hour and then was sent on my way. I had virtually no pain and didn't need to even take Tylenol last night. Slept for a good 13 hours and I'm feeling great today!

    Best wishes getting through this everyone :)

  • rmlulu
    rmlulu Member Posts: 1,499

    CameraKim- Wow! Glad you are feeling great :). Will be praying for clear margins & nodes good path report. Yeah the T is gone... Speedy healing.

  • Denise51
    Denise51 Member Posts: 23

    Hi Lumpectomy Lounge Ladies,

    I had a lumpectomy on 2/19/13 ( right breast, 1 cm mass). Prior to the lumpectomy, I was stage 1 grade 1. When I visited my surgeon on 3/1/13 she informed me that margins where clean, but 3/4 lymph nodes were positive and I was bumped up to stage 2 and now am looking at chemo, not just radiation. I felt good  ( as good as one could feel) at stage 1, not so positive about lymph node involvement. 

    As for the lumpectomy itself, and sentinel lymph node excision I experienced very little post operative pain and no complications, but I slept and slept and slept. This could have been a result of the nature of my particular surgery or because I could not sleep for several days prior to the surgery. The worst thing was the plastic they placed over the bandage/incisions. I developed an extremely itchy blister. I did wear a bra continually for the first two weeks and I think that helped alot with stabilizing the breast. The Walmart sports bras with front closures, mentioned on some of the other threads were great and did not required calesthetics to put on! 

    Cosmetic results in my case - one breast is now slightly flatter than the other and I do not consider it a big deal. Of course, I am an old lady of 62. 

    I was sorry to hear that some of you had bad experiences. This is a tough disease that seems to be different for each one of us. While I feel great physically, I am not so hot mentally. I went for a CT scan on Wednesday and am having a bone scan on Friday. I hate waiting for the results. But I did meet with a good friend today and it did me a world of good - for a moment I forgot what I was facing and even had several good laughs. For all, hang in there and I am sending all my positive thoughts your way.

  • april485
    april485 Member Posts: 1,983

    Ah Denise, sorry you were upgraded to stage 2, but clean margins are a good thing (prefer to look a the glass being half full with this stuff Laughing I have to have a re-excision on Monday for one margin being too close (less than 1 mm) but other than that, the lumpie was all good from where I sit. I now have the official pathology of my lesion and it is pure DCIS. So, that is what I will focus on, not the fact that they have to cut my poor boob yet again.

    I was sweating the "upgrade" to another stage also, but got lucky this time. Hoping your scans are all clear and that you can go on with your life and put this in the back corner of your mind when you finish tx. It never goes away as we are always worried about recuurence, but at least when tx is complete, we can get back to some sense of our old life before BC.

    I think what bums me out the most is having to wait to start rads. But, my day will come soon enough and then on to tamoxifen or Aromasin. My MO has not decided yet but thinks even though I am post menopausal, tamoxifen might be the way to go. We shall see...

    Best to you!

  • Denise51
    Denise51 Member Posts: 23

    Hi April,

    Thanks for your positive remarks. I hope your Monday surgery goes very well with minimal discomfort. I understand how you feel about the waiting. I was initially diagnosed on 12/21/12 and had to wait until February for the surgery. In between those dates, the tumor board "reinterpreted" my ultrasound and saw another area they found questionable and I had to undergo a second biopsy. That area gladly turned out to be OK. But, oh- the waiting....

    So- I went for my bone scan today. Soon after I got home, I got a voice mail from the medical oncologist's office. I have not met her yet, my first appointment was scheduled for the 19th. They wanted to reschedule to the 12th.

    Well, I do try to be a positive person, but the first thing that went through my mind was that something nasty turned up on one of the scans and they wanted to see me right away. I just got a really sick feeling in my stomach. I cleared it up whe I called back to reschedule - they really just did have a cancellation. 

    This is such an emotional rollercoaster! But we will get through all of this. 



  • april485
    april485 Member Posts: 1,983

    "This is such an emotional rollercoaster! But we will get through all of this." As the kids like to say Denise, TRUE DAT! LOL

    I will keep you in my thoughts as you wait for that scan result and appt with your MO. WAITING seems to be the order of the day with BC for sure. We hurry up and then we wait...wash, rinse, repeat. It is so crazy! Surprised

    Thanks for the good thoughts. I just want the surgery part to be over with. Sorry you had to wait so long between diagnosis and surgery. That would have made me nuts too. Glad your biopsy was clear though. Being thorough is a very good thing and the "tumor boards" are a great idea in my opinion. As they say, two minds are better than one so many minds are certainly even better than two.

    Hugs and good wishes!

  • marjie
    marjie Member Posts: 365

    Hi all -

    Just reading thru the posts.  I'm not on the boards that often anymore but I had a lumpectomy and SNB at the same time.  Followed by chemo, radiation and a year of herceptin.  This summer will be 3 years since diagnosis for me and I'm doing excellent.

    Takes a bit to get your strength back and the radiation sure does a number but all is good....I found massage therapy really helped release the muscles/tissue that were seized up from the rads.

  • april485
    april485 Member Posts: 1,983

    Thanks Marjie! The information about massage is very useful My BC center at Yale offers complimentary once a week massage therapy to all BC patients. I think I might just take them up on it. Then I can have my hubby supplement in between Innocent

  • duckyb1
    duckyb1 Member Posts: 9,646

    Hi Ladies......just passed my 2 year mark......SNB, done right before lumpectomy, them Rads for 7 weeks (which was done 6 weeks after surgery) ..........then on to Femara, for the next 5 years......worst thing.......the Femara...... I did not want to take it after reading the SE's, but thought of the alternative.......l would do radiation again, rather then take 1 year of Femara, let alone 5..........

    You all can do is not easy, but it is like Granny says......doable...

    Hey Granny you old "coot"..........looks like we can't stay away from each ya girlfriend....

    Hugs ladies, and keep the faith.......sorry you had to come here, but welcome.....these ladies on here are the best, and will become your best friends..

  • Lisa1637
    Lisa1637 Member Posts: 15

    You'll get there April!! 

  • LindaJD
    LindaJD Member Posts: 134

    Hi all,

    I've read all of your posts because I will find out on Monday, the 11th, my surgery date for a lumpectomy.  I'm glad some of you explained about clean margins & about the radioactive tracer.  My surgeon only told me I would get a shot (of dye) the day before the surgery & that I have to go to the hospital to have it done.  I am so not wanting to go through all of this!  I get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when ever I think about this:(  I'm sure you all know what I mean.

  • rmlulu
    rmlulu Member Posts: 1,499

    Hi LindaJD- welcome to the lumpies:)) & glad you found this site there is so much good info & encouragement here. You are not alone.

    Waiting for the lx is much harder than surgery day & recovery. Make sure you have your list of questions for BS & confirm how & when you will receive your path results as they come in! This is so important so you are not worried. Each BS is different so it is important to know...most of us just want to hear ASAP nodes&margins margins :)) ( I called the office to receive that info then path report with staging a week after lx in office).

    All is doable. Wire localization then isotope dye for SND 4 shots(they will numb the area with cream) then off to surgery. You can ask for something pre-op to take the edge off if you like.

    I slept most of the first day...relief it was over & up & around the house with family the next day :)). Very little discomfort only took med at night to ensure a good night...was so much easier than what my head had made it!

    You will be fine...sending peaceful calming thoughts (((hugs)))


  • LibraryLynn
    LibraryLynn Member Posts: 33


    Surgery day was the looming terror for me, but absolutely nothing about that day was bad at all. I expressed my fears, and every single hospital person respected them and webfoot of their way to alleviate them for me. Don't be afraid to do that. It helped me a great deal during that day.

    I had my lx last Tuesday, and I have truly had zero post op pain. The anesthesia kicked my butt though so rest a lot and take care of you.

    Healing white light and angels coming your way,


  • torigirl
    torigirl Member Posts: 748

    Ladies...(Lumpies...I love that!)

    I'm so glad to see that people are dropping by and saying hello and just letting us know how they are doing..I love that some folks that are years out are coming in an letting you know good things...very good things...

    Tomorrow I go in for followups....mammogram and MRI...not excited at all..not one coming here to see if anyone would like to sneak into my pocket for some encouragement....let me know...appointment at 10:30am (CST)...all are welcome as long as you bring snacks!

    Hope you are all doing well and keep coming back to let us know how you are doing and to encourage others...we are blessed to have each other...


  • rmlulu
    rmlulu Member Posts: 1,499

    Hey Tori- Thanks for starting this thread :) which pocket...cheese crackers and no whine ha!

    Sending calming vibes (((hugs))) that your follow ups will reval the truth of breast. Praying for the best for you.

    Trade places tomorrow am is my colonoscopy ... I can hear you LOL!



  • april485
    april485 Member Posts: 1,983

    Tomorrow is my re-excision surgery so spending time in your pocket RMlulu since you are in mine...colonocopy is a piece of cake! Have an uneventful one..the prep is the worst part!

  • april485
    april485 Member Posts: 1,983

    I am in your pocket too Torigirl..It will be all good!

  • torigirl
    torigirl Member Posts: 748

    Thanks ladies!

    You know, we are like to be in 3 places at one tomorrow!  Okay...I'm with april485 and RMlulu tomorrow...

    Make room for me though...I'm bringing snacks for everyone!!!

  • rmlulu
    rmlulu Member Posts: 1,499

    April485 - sending you calming thoughts clear margins & speedy healing (((hugs))) you got this!

  • april485
    april485 Member Posts: 1,983

    KissYou guys are the best! Sweet dreams!!

  • RiverFlows
    RiverFlows Member Posts: 2

    Hi Ladies,

    I have a "good" problem to send out to group, of course I will consult my medical team as well, but I am seriously missing my yoga classes. 5-days post-op I have pretty good range of motion on my arms although my family is really babying me, not let me lift anything, even my super light purse (which is basically just a wallet with straps).

    I know not to do all the downward dogs, planks, etc. but what about other flows and/or restorative poses? Any yogis out there with some words of support, experience, suggestions? I am doing some very simple meditation and breathing practices on my own but miss the community in the class so may show up and just sit in lotus the whole 90 minutes Smile

  • SelenaWolf
    SelenaWolf Member Posts: 231

    My surgeon told me that there was, absolutely, no reason why I shouldn't return to normal activities after my lumpectomy.  That said, he said not to do anything too crazy - like go rock climbing or bench-press 200lbs., at least, right away - he said that the earlier you begin using your arm for normal activities, the better.  I took him at his word; three days post-lumpectomy, I was back on my bicycle and did a 20km ride (albiet with a really supportive sports bra) and, within the week, returned to my intermediate-level pilates class.

    So, unless you've been told for a specific reason for your particular case, to go easy on the lifting/other activities, I would say that - since yoga is a "normal" activity for you, it's probably okay to go to class and do some of the less strenuous moves/stretches than don't involve supporting your entire weight on your arms/shoulders.  But, as always, check with your doctor first. 

    Edited to add: I really REALLY like the "Lumpectomy Lounge".  It's a good addition to the boards.

  • april485
    april485 Member Posts: 1,983

    I just returned from my re-excision surgery for my lumpie (had it this morning) and discharge paper says the following:

    May return to normal activities after 48 hours

    No lifting anything heavier than 10 lbs for 4 weeks

    No swimming or bathing (tub) for 2 weeks

    Hope that helps!

    PS: Weird that my re-excision is MORE painful that the full lumpectomy was? I guess that is cause my poor boob has had a vacuum stereo biopsy and two lumpectomy surgeries since 1/25...either way, percocette and sofa, here I come.