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Xeloda and TNBC



  • serendipity09
    serendipity09 Member Posts: 769

    @breastcancerpartner I, too, did chemo first (4 AC and 12 Taxol w/ 3 Carbo), then had a BMX. During surgery one of my lymph nodes tested positive. I started 3000 mg dosage of Xeloda six weeks post surgery. I didn't do radiation at that point as RO and 2nd opinion RO, thought it was not necessary.

    Three months into Xeloda I developed a "blemish" that was watched and biopsied six months later during my exchange surgery, and, it was determined to be a recurrence. I was devastated. MO, RO and surgeons were surprised. Ended up doing 5 weeks of radiation and six weeks later I started 8 more cycles of Xeloda. It's been a year since my last dose. So far so good.

    I hope everything goes well for your wife.

  • norcals
    norcals Member Posts: 206

    Hi Breastcancerpartner.

    I started Xeloda approximately one month after radiation therapy was completed. MO wanted to make sure that I had a break to allow healing from radiation before beginning xeloda.

    I was on Xeloda for about 6 months (the cycle was 2 weeks taking Xeloda daily, one week off).