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Are You New Here and Worried? Start Here BEFORE Posting

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Welcome to you. We are sorry that changes in your breast health have brought you here. We are glad that you decided to join our community for support.

Everyone here understands how changes in their health can create worry, and distress as they wait for definitive answers to their symptoms. While our members will not be able to offer you a diagnosis or even necessarily answer your medical questions, they can provide support and the wisdom that comes from the experiences of living through similar situations. While our members are very knowledgeable, they are not medical professionals, and their advice should never been interpreted as medical advice. Always cross-check advice you receive here on the boards with your doctors.

If you are someone who has been challenged with anxiety in the past, check out this topic on Anxiety that was written by one of our members.

It is best to keep your story in one topic as opposed to posting across multiple threads. Such can lead to confusion both for you and for those members who are trying to follow your situation and respond to your questions.

If you post about your situation, please be sure to post back and let the community know the outcome. We like to hear how things work out for you.

Guidelines for those who do NOT have a breast cancer diagnosis but are worried due to changes/symptoms in their breast health, family history, or because of benign breast conditions.

  • Only a medical professional can accurately evaluate and assess your individual situation. This community should not be a substitute for healthcare consultation with a physician or other licensed medical provider. For people concerned that they may have breast cancer, comparing notes, symptoms, or characteristics is not helpful here.
  • We do NOT allow members to post images of breast concerns or symptoms on these public discussion boards. If you do post images, they will be subject to removal by the Moderators. Breast cancer cannot be diagnosed from images.
  • This website includes facts, views, opinions and recommendations of individuals and organizations deemed of interest to the community concerned about breast cancer. You acknowledge and agree that these views, opinions and recommendations are NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should ALWAYS seek the assistance of a medical or other healthcare professional for medical and other health matters.
  • If you are under 18, you are not allowed to post on this site for legal reasons. Pease tell an adult you trust: a parent, another family member, a nurse or someone else at your school. They can help you get an appointment with a doctor or nurse practitioner. Take a look here for additional resources: Important Resources for Teens.
  • Please limit your posts to ONE of the following forums:
  • Review the currently listed topics in the forum of your choice from the above. Someone may have already asked a question similar to yours, and received answers that would fit your situation.
    In the forums, look for topics with recent activity or you may also start a new topic, if you're not finding the answers you're seeking. Introduce yourself as a new member and post your question.
  • Refrain from posting the same question in multiple topics. Allow some time for members to respond before posting again in a different thread. If you have not received responses in a timely manner or if you are confused or concerned about the responses you receive and need help, please send a PM to the Moderators for assistance.

If you have been routinely and repeatedly told by your doctor and/or a second opinion doctor that your concerns about breast cancer are unfounded due to testing results, repeating your concerns on these discussion boards will not change your status, and likely will frustrate members who have already offered help and advice. If you think you may have a health-anxiety issue, we strongly suggest you share your concerns with your doctor and ask for help minimizing your anxiety.

Below you will find links and information on our main site for those who have not been diagnosed with breast cancer but may be worried:


  • Eight out of 10 lumps that women may feel in their breasts are benign (not cancerous). A benign lump can be a collection of normal or hyperactive breast gland cells, or it may be a water-filled sac (cyst).
  • In any event, if you feel a lump and you're worried about it, DON'T HESITATE TO SEE A DOCTOR. By getting a doctor to check the lump you'll ease your fears. And if it's something serious, you can start getting treatment right away.
  • One way to make lumps less frightening is to get to know what your breasts normally feel like. There's no better way to find out than by doing your monthly breast self-exam. The upper, outer area—near your armpit—tends to have the most prominent lumps and bumps. The lower half of your breast can feel like a sandy or pebbly beach. The area under the nipple can feel like a collection of large grains. Another part might feel like a lumpy bowl of oatmeal.
  • Learn what to do after getting your test results, including what to do when you get your test results and how to keep track of your records

In addition, check out, Know the Facts About Breast Cancer: A Video By President and Founder, Dr. Marisa Weiss