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2017 Diagnosed-- A Place To Share "Whats Next"



  • dodgersgirl
    dodgersgirl Member Posts: 1,902
    edited March 2021

    GoKale— so sorry you are going thru this. As Moth suggested, head to the Stage 4 forums, read thru the Bone Mets thread. Many people can remain “bone only mets” for years.

    When I was diagnosed Stage 4 back in Dec 2019, my oncologist suggested a trip as I wanted to spend time beach-front. Then onc scheduled me for weeks of baseline scans. Boom, next CoVid grounded us all. So my suggestion is if there is something you want to do, go, visit, think about making it happen sooner rather than later. Me? Hoping to get my trip in once I get my 2 nd CoVid vaccine

    Please know you can post your questions and concerns here. Lots of great ladies here to lean on.

    Write down your questions for your onc. Hopefully your first treatment will be something like Ibrance or Verzenio and that you will join those who are taking either of these drugs with great success for YEARS.

  • hersheykiss
    hersheykiss Member Posts: 681
    edited March 2021

    GoKale, I'm so sorry to read this news. I'm thinking of you.