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Any young BC patients/survivors who haven't had kids?



  • Anna7786
    Anna7786 Member Posts: 2

    Hi 32B,

    I am so sorry for the late reply. Firstly, congratulations on your marriage, it is such a great news. i hope you and your fiance can come to a decision that both of you find peace in.

    i just started my chemo this week, and i feel that i already dont belong to this world.

  • 32B
    32B Member Posts: 186

    Hi Anna,

    I hope you are resting and pampering yourself this week and able to feel better after your treatment. I'll be thinking of you. Gentle hugs!

  • YangSainst
    YangSainst Member Posts: 69


    How many AC cycle do you need to complete? I'm 33 I had four cycle of AC MO said I need 6 but hesitant to finished the other two because of the SE's. And one thing does your period always stop or supposed to stop while on having chemo because mine didn't stop.

  • YangSainst
    YangSainst Member Posts: 69


    Hello I'm 32 and single no kids i just finished 4 cycle of AC still need to finish 2 but confused and hesitating to finish the rest of it..

  • Popcornme
    Popcornme Member Posts: 27

    hi yangsainst,

    I'm originally from the Philippines but live in the US now. Are you hesitant to continue because of SE's? Do you have to do Taxol after AC?

    I'm 32, married with no kids. Currently on chemo with AC + T. Before chemo, we froze some embryos to have kids in a few years. I'm also taking Lupron shots every other chemo. Anyone on the same boat

  • YangSainst
    YangSainst Member Posts: 69


    Really you're from PH?,so you still speak the language?,Taxol was not discussed to not even AC or TC I learned the from here all they told me I need the chemo and its 6 cycle that's it.

  • buttonsmachine
    buttonsmachine Member Posts: 339

    Yangsainst, is it possible for you to get a second opinion on your treatment? I did four rounds of AC, and my MO considered adding two more for a total of six, but another MO advised against it since AC was not very effective on my cancer. I'm on a different chemo now. What are your main concerns with continuing AC? To answer your previous question, my period did stop on AC, but not until after my second round. Have you told your MO that you are still having your period?

  • Popcornme
    Popcornme Member Posts: 27

    Yangsaintst, yes I speak Tagalog and Bisaya. I was from QC but lived in Mindanao for some years growing up. Are you getting your treatments in Pampanga? AC+T is the latest recommendation here in the US. I don't know which guidelines oncologists use in the Philippines. Why don't you ask about Taxol? The SE's are supposed to be more manageable than AC. Also, I got my period right before starting chemo and never got a period while on chemo. But I'm also taking Lupron shots to suppress my ovaries. I think comes with it's own SE's like hot flashes

  • YangSainst
    YangSainst Member Posts: 69


    All Doctor's here give 6cycle to 8 to every breast cancer patients because they said that...that's the study says..

  • YangSainst
    YangSainst Member Posts: 69


    She didn't discuss any of these drugs to me she just told me 6 cycle that's what they give here always 6 cycle.. My period never stop since chemo I don't know if its good or bad I told her about that since second cycle she didn't gave me an answer. Yes I'm doing my chemo here in Pampanga do you have FB account?

  • FieldofGreen
    FieldofGreen Member Posts: 1

    I have been looking for others like me! I'm 34 and starting chemo at the end of the week. Recently moved in with my boyfriend and were planning on getting married and trying for kids right away. Diagnosed 2 months into living together. I'm somewhere in stage III, not sure on grade or how many nodes but am ER+/PR+, HER 2 - and just found out I'm BRCA2+. I will be doing 4 cycles of A/C, then 12 of Taxol, bilateral and reconstruction, followed by 5 weeks of radiation. That is the plan as of now.

    I've been struggling with finding people my age who haven't had children as well. We immediately started the egg freezing process but our first round only resulted in one mature egg. We postponed chemo to try another round and am set for retrieval of another lone egg on Wednesday.

    This has been my biggest fear since I found out I had cancer - what's going to happen to my fertility. There's just so many what ifs?

    Thanks for your support!

  • Sophiemara
    Sophiemara Member Posts: 20

    Hey Field of green, I was also 34 when dx with similar stats to you. I had the works (surgery, chemo, rads) and been on arimidex for 2.5 years..I have no kids either, so planning to interrupt next year..I'll be 38. I also did fertility treatment and have 2 embryos on ice. I want to try naturally first and if that doesn't work then use the embryos. Good luck!

  • BCFighter2017
    BCFighter2017 Member Posts: 8

    Hi FieldofGreen & Sophiemara

    I was also 34 when dx . I have been on Zoladex shots and Aromasin for 11 months now. want to try for kid so planning to interrupt sometime next time ( i will be 37 then).

    We didn't do any fertility treatment before

    Lots of good luck to me and you all!!

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 736

    I'm 39, just diagnosed a month ago. I'm long term single. I went through a period of really wanting kids but not being able to manage/afford on my own, and then a period of being ambivalent. At this point... I feel like this kind of makes the decision for me. I'm kind of wistful sometimes but I also see how hard parenting is and sometimes feel lucky that I'm not trying to navigate this all with kids too. I do wish I had a partner but I have less than 0 energy for dating and love doesn't seem to falling into my lap.

  • lukkaa
    lukkaa Member Posts: 1

    I'm so sorry to hear that. Be strong.:'(

  • persapoliviou
    persapoliviou Member Posts: 6

    hi! I don’t speak good English! I see that you have the same cancer with me! With her2! I finish my treatment in December but my period dont come yet! I am 37! I want to ask you when yours come back? How many months after the chemo?

  • WC3
    WC3 Member Posts: 658

    Hi persapoliviou:

    I had chemotherapy when I was 38 and started on Tamoxifen about 2 or 3 months after chemotherapy. My period stopped halfway through chemotherapy. I developed cramping and bleeding after a year and a half on the Tamoxifen but it was not cyclic and it appears to have been due to uterine issues from the Tamoxifen.

  • Fukcancer
    Fukcancer Member Posts: 8

    I was 36 when diagnosed. No kids. Now I'm 40. Chemo caused premature ovarian failure and now I'm in menopause. Still no kids

  • miss_meighan
    miss_meighan Member Posts: 2

    I resonate with the OP and so many of you here so much. I was diagnosed with Stage 2b TNBC IDC at the end of June at 32. My husband would like kids but I have always been of the "if it happens, it happens" camp. With the DX, my Onc recommended a rushed course of fertility tx before starting chemo, as my chemo tx is 20 weeks long then surgery and radiation.

    I went to the fertility clinic they recommended and had the WORST experience. Like, I should have walked out it was that bad, but I was going to gather all the information I could since I know my husband would like biological kids at some point. I wont go into the poor experience in detail here, but essentially they wanted me to make a decision about fertility preservation before I left the office that day and I felt like I had a gun to my head, thats how pressured I was, and I was only going for information to learn more about my options!

    I went home and talked to my husband about the whole experience and what he said really put me at ease. He said "You're here now, and we need to take care of you, not a hypothetical baby. I just want YOU to be ok, and to be with you as we fight this thing together. Let's not delay YOUR care for something that is not even a future guarantee with either fertility option." Knowing we were on the same page with the here and now makes it easier for me to take it day at a time, and we're aligned to cross this bridge post-tx and recovery.

    Hope this brings everyone some comfort, and always happy to connect one off so we can go through this together and not feel so alone <3