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Has anyone here with mbc/stage iv had Covid?



  • Janice54
    Janice54 Member Posts: 23

    I caught it one year ago. Took me awhile to get my energy back and appetite. My cancer was not affected. Actually tumor markers stayed in normal range to my relief.

  • dancemom
    dancemom Member Posts: 404

    hi. Even though I lived like a hermit, avoided stores and double masked, I was exposed at my preschool job last Jan 11, (I guess other families decided travel at Christmas was more important than community health) right before vaccines became available. This delayed my diagnostic biopsy by 2 months, so yeah, im a little salty with people who don't follow travel protocols.

    I woke up with a fever the same day I got a notification of exposure. I immediately isolated myself in one bedroom, my husband went early to our business and gathered paperwork and contact info and whatever else he could before staff arrived.

    Even though I isolated right away, I exposed my family before I was symptomatic. Within 5 days both my DH and 5th grader were feverish. (Our older kids were back at college already luckily)

    For me, it was 3 weeks in bed with chills, a light fever (100-101 most of the time), and COUGH. The cough hurt. I also lost taste and smell for about 6 weeks- thats the symptoms that scared me most as my husband is a chef! The residual random cough lasted a few more weeks.

    DH was hit harder. About 4 weeks of the fever and painful cough, kid was fine in 5 days. Poor baby was a very good caregiver! We were lucky it was relatively mild and did home treatmets of Tylenol, tea, broth, honey and SLEEP.

    We live in a dense area in a highrise. Food was not an issue as nobody was hungry, plus we had out "pandemic panrty". We did order groceries eventually - which we had to call management to allow them to be brought directly to our apt as all deliveries had to be picked up in the lobby at the time.

    Hardest was not going outside at all, all month AGAIN. - we already did that during the initial lockdown. But you can't go out if you can't share an elevator.

    I was not in treatment at the time, so I fear it might be different for others. I hope you feel well soon. I am so afraid of another round. So excited that my kid and friends are all excited to be vaccinated next week!