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It needs to be okay to die.



  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,302

    I stumbled on this thread but had to read it to completion. I am a wait-n-see for life and also need to learn to "be."

    People's Pharmacy had an interesting post...a doc that studies "miracles" and "cures" of inoperable cancers/illnesses. I listened to the audio. He mentioned a website that I am now reading and it is very well written; it is by a lady who was told she had months to live with pancreatic cancer. Fast forward to her 5 years and no visible cancer. If anyone is interested, it is entitled 'livingwithpancreaticcancer dot com' and you can find it as I don't feel I should be posting it for some reason. It is refreshing. It is helping me 'learn to die.'

    The best to any of you in this situation and may it never be the C word.

  • trinigirl50
    trinigirl50 Member Posts: 158

    Cancer diagnoses = existential crisis. I don't care much for an existential crisis so after being thrown headlong into one despite my very best effort to ignore, I went through "life without me" in my head, figured that my beloved family would grieve me and then get on with living, which comforted me enormously.

    So now my personal mantra is "don't die before you are actually dying".

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,644

    trinigirl, that's a good one! "Don't die before you're actually dying." I'm going to remember and use that one! :)

    If I ask myself the question, "Am I going to die tomorrow?" The answer is, "Possibly, but probably not."