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Where did my sex drive go???

fairchild Member Posts: 138
edited January 2022 in Sex & Relationship Matters

I wish there were an easy way to bring this subject up! I had a double mastectomy in 2018, and I'm on AI with another 1.5 years of treatment to go before I'm finished with it. I'm 65 and divorced, but I was dating casually when I was first diagnosed. I haven't dated since then as I was struggling to feel better and get my life back again. Anyway, since starting the AI and having surgery, I have absolutely no sexual feelings at all, nada, nothing. Even if I try, I can't have an orgasm. And I don't even really want to try, because I just can't get there. But I'm a social being, and I miss dating quite a lot.

My oncologist has never even mentioned the effects of the cancer on my sex life at all. My initial surgeon recommended RePlens (spelling?), which I've learned is helpful for moisture and lubrication, but this is NOT a moisture and lubrication problem. It's a fundamental problem with desire that I don't understand, and it's so unlike me! At first I assumed it was due to the stresses associated with cancer recovery, but I'm wondering now if it's an effect of the aromatase inhibitor itself.

Is this a side effect of the medicine? I'm on Aromasin 25 mg. Could that produce this effect? And how the heck to you deal with it? I miss that side of my life! Also, have you talked with your oncologist about this problem, and if so, how have your framed it? Because he's obviously uncomfortable with the subject, I have difficulty figuring out how to bring the topic up! Thanks for any thought you have about this subject!!