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New grouping of linear and punctuate microcalcifications

adamm Member Posts: 5

my mom had bc in 2003 stage 2. Last month she had her annual mammogram and the report had several findings.

-post therapeutic changes in posterior right upper outer quadrant

-skin thickening which was present previously but slightly more pronounced on right breast

-new grouping of linear and punctuate microcalcifications in anterior right upper outer quadrant

They did another mammogram and finally biopsy that were waiting on.

I’m wondering if the changes are related to her previous treatment (lumpectomy, rads, chemo) or this is new?

I know we can’t tell from what I wrote and the biopsy will help but we’re literally crying waiting. Any insight would be helpful.

I’m hoping and praying it is dcis at worst and nothing more.

Thank you.


  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 722

    adamm, I'm sorry your mom needs a biopsy, we all know how stressful that can be. I added the link regarding calcifications in case you didn't read it. So it seems to me that these are new calcifications that were not present on her previous mammo. Many calcifications are benign but nevertheless many need to be biopsied to be sure. Yes there are occasions that calcifications may be from radiation also. I know its hard but try to remain optimistic and hope for the best. Sending positive vibes your way for benign results for your mom.