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DCIS with possible Microinvasion

cancerian Member Posts: 11

Hi all, so glad to have found this community. Got the horrible news and been on an emotional roller coaster ever since.diagnosis- DCIS right breast confirmed with biopsy. Tumor area spans almost 10mm so mastectomy is recommended. MRI showed invasion of 1.5. Thinking about Bilateral Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Tumor is ER/PR positive. Her-2 not tested. No genetic mutation.

Anyone have this diagnosis? What treatment was recommended and most importantly, how are you doing


  • tntnsd
    tntnsd Member Posts: 124

    I was diagnosed with DCIS 2 years ago. Mine was seen as 5-6cm in mammogram and little big more on MRI ( DCIS tends to spread like that - as someone told me), 100% ER. I was treated (left) mastectomy with no recon (I can’t do lumpectomy since mass is big for my small boobs , and I don’t want radiation on my left breast). Very lucky that the post-op final pathology report stayed DCIS, stage 0, no invasion. With my ER and early stage , I don’t need chemo ( my doctor said that even if I had microinvasion, I am unlikely need it given the risk).

    I was so scared and frightened at that time, this forum helped keep me sane, and learn about my diagnosis. Two years later, I am doing great. I am taking tamoxifen now (3 more years to go). Light is at the end of tunnel after all. I can say I am in good shape and best of me even I am slope sided now ( I don’t care about that, and certainly people who love me don’t nei😍).

    I wish you the very best given the path that you have to walk now. Please keep yourself busy with healthy activities, stay away from Dr Google. Come here and ask questions, and search on this forum, very likely that someone will understand your diagnosis and help you with that.

  • cancerian
    cancerian Member Posts: 11

    Thank you for your reply. Do you have any dietary restrictions from the ER + tumor?