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Another tiny calcification dcis in same spot 3 years out!

breastquest Member Posts: 7

Hi, my yearly mammo just showed a tiny 2mm area of linear dcis behind my lumpectomy scar. I was finally stable and just started having a yearly mammo, and they found this....! So, just had a stereostatic biopsy and am waiting for results, but it's in the ducts and doctor feels it's dcis again. So, I wanted to know if anyone out there, had another issue with this and what your doctor decided to do? It seems excessive to do another lumpectomy. I never had rads because my first dcis was tiny as well. I was supposed to take Tamox, but of course, I didn't. Probably will have to now.

I can't imagine rads for 1/16th of an inch, but I guess it's possible... What say the other posters in this situation?



  • bojo
    bojo Member Posts: 5


    I have just logged on again today after 12 years of not worrying about my cancer. 

    I feel I need to share my story, 

    They say hindsight is 20 20, 

    I wish I had done double mastectomy at the age of 40.

    I wish I had someone tell me what they had gone through

    I wish…I wish… I wish

    I was 1st DX with high grade 3 DCIS in 2005 , 40 yrs old 1st mammogram, in my left breast, did radiation 7 weeks of radiation 35 treatments. Had lumpectomy 2x to get clear margins. Went on tamoxifen for 5yrs.

    In 2011 dx with right breast DCIS had same treatment lumpectomy 2x to get clear margins, 7 weeks radiation 35treatments. Was on tamoxifen in 2005 for 5 years. Went back on tamoxifen in 2012 for 1.5 yrs but now it was wreaking havoc in my uterus, had to have a complete hysterectomy in 2013.

    Fast forward to 2023, and was just dx with right breast cancer high grade DCIS again! Oh and to add insult to injury I was also dx with a new primary lung cancer in the same week and just had surgery to remove a 1cm nodule. I am fortunate that it is not a MET, but they they believe since I am a non-smoker, they think but can’t be 100% sure that it’s from the radiation I received to “treat” my DCIS on my right breast back in 2011, which is now BACK !!

    So in my opinion , if you are DX with HIGH GRADE 3 NECROSIS DCIS, get a double mastectomy. I know this sounds like a radical decision, for “JUST DCIS” but from where I sit , recovering from lung surgery and thinking about my appointment tomorrow with a breast surgeon to discuss my options for my reoccurrence of “just DCIS”. I have made the decision to get a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with flap, but I don’t how my radiation plays in my reconstruction, I will find out tomorrow.

    I remember just hearing over and over from friends and relatives on both occasions “it ”JUST DCIS” the reoccurrence is low, your being ridiculous, don’t get the mastectomy” So if someone says to you it’s JUST DCIS tell them respectfully, ITS STILL CANCER